San Diego Area Run Start
Link to this Event  Show Map Get A Life Week Day 4 Hash    Thursday, August 20, 2015 6:30pm
Hare(s): Heaven's Gate, Cap'n Jerk, Flip-Flop
Location: Everts Street and Parker Pl, San Diego, CA 92109
Directions: Just west of Fanuel Park in Pacific Beach. Walk west on Bayside Walk to the volleyball courts at the end of Everts St.
Run Fee: $4.00
Trail type: A to B
Dog friendly: No
It's day FOUR of Get A Life Week...aka hump day!

Today will combine both pickup hashes with Volleyball. We'll meet at the volleyball courts. There will be time for everyone to participate in/watch at least one game, then the hare (chosen at random) will begin to lay trail until someone catches him, and then that person will be the hare, and so on, until the pack arrives at the Dog. Volleyball only folks can play another round, and then meet the rest of the pack at the Dog.

Trail will be pickup style so it's hard to say how long it will be. There's not a lot of shiggy in PB, so you probably won't need protective gear, but who knows what someone will do when they hear the pack breathing down their necks?

********About Get A Life Week*********
Get A Life Week is a bi-annual event among San Diego Hashes to celebrate the fact that many of us need to "get a life" because we have too much time on our hands and hash too much. Attendance will be taken at every hash that week and people who attend all seven hashes will receive a T-shirt proudly proclaiming their need to get a life.

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