San Diego Area Run Start
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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, September 28, 2015 6:30pm
The 'Like a Virgin' Trail
Hare(s): Boston Pee Party, Rush Hour Rubdown, Brossiere
Location: Effin's Pub, 6164 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115
Google Maps:
Run Fee: $3.00
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Trail Only
Sure, sure, none of the above hares are anywhere close to being virgins. Probably none of the trail is virgin. Surely we aren't using a virgin on-in. Even the run title has been used and abused before! But! This is the first time these hares have 'done it' at a Larrikins hash. So, cum help pop our cherries as we lay some classic road-loving Larrikins trail through our own 'hood, imbibe some lovely beers and get touched for the very first time.

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