San Diego Area Run Start
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Half-Assed Hash  About once a month.   Wednesday, November 25, 2015 8:00pm
8th Anal... Awe... I miss that guy. Pre-turkey pub crawl
Hare(s): 3PO and DBI
Address: The Ould Sod
3373 Adams Ave, San Diego, California 92116
Directions: Google it!
Run Fee: Buy your hares a beer
Trail type: A to A prime
Dog friendly: No
It was Anal's last wish as he ventured out into the abyss that is the world outside of Southern California that someone carry of the event he was truly most proud of creating. Why he would ask me... WHO KNOWS!

Join Double Bag It and I as we follow Anal's very specific instruction to "Not mess anything up" and lay a trail that members of all kennels new and old will enjoy.

So get dressed up and think of this as a pre-lube for this Christmas party. We promise everyone will get laid!*

*promise only counts if you have a personality and a net worth of at least 1 million dollars.

3PO - You'll never be as cool as me. Love, Anal

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