San Diego Area Run Start
Link to this Event  View Map Hop Highway Meets the Really South Orange County Pick Up Hash    Friday, August 12, 2016 6:00pm
As above, Hop Highway Meets the Really South Orange County Pick Up Hash
Hare(s): You, then maybe you, then possibly even you
Address: Latitude 33 Brewery
1430 Vantage Ct, Ste 104
Vista, California 92081
Directions: Check out the Googles, featured below.
Map Link:
Run Fee: Some $$$ to get yerself some $ or $$ beers, and maybe a snack for after
Pre-lube: There, starting at 6. See Very Important Notes.
Trail type: A to A
On after: There. Or Your Mom's House.
Dog friendly: Yes
At this time, the Hop Highway Hash House Harriers is returning to Latitude 33 to take full advantage of their Feel Good Fridays, which begin with a Power Hour.

Power Hour, you say? Is that why I forgot going there about this time last summer?

From 6 to 7 PM, Latitude 33 offers $1 pints of really good beer, and $2 pints of really excellent beer. Drink up! For at 6:55 pm, we will randomly pick a hare, and at 7P that hare will flee with a bag of flour.

Snare the hare and you're the hare!

Snare the hare after half a mile of trail because the hare had somewhere between $5 and $10 of beer like last year, and you get to hare!

Silly songs and airing of grievances to follow. Plus, Latitude 33 has a DJ.

Your best friend is called Uber or Lyft.


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