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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Friday, August 11, 2017 6:00pm
Larrikin's 2017 Campout
Hare(s): CLH3 MM
Address: Balneario Las Palmas
La Mision, MX
Run Fee: $69 until June 2
Trail type: Other (explain in Notes)
Dog friendly: No
Curiouser, and curiouser!! Was that a rabbit in a waistcoat? With a watch?! Follow the white rabbit and you'll invariably end up in some kind of nonsensical land. For Larrikins 2017 campout, we shall re-invade that wonderfully, nonsensical Wonderland called Mexico. We are going back to Balneario Las Palmas in La Mision, MX. Will you come as Alice, the caterpillar, a herd of Cheshire cats, or the Queen of hearts? The costume ideas are endless, and I daren't wonder at the white rabbit references.

Registration is all inclusive. You get a lovely camping spot, food, booze, 3 trails, games, blurry memories, blurry mammories, a pool, showers, and a chance to watch, or participate in MM turn over. All within 1/4 mile of the beach.

On to the particularly particular points.

Registration Opens April 1st (No fooling!)
Catch the White Rabbit, April 1-June 2: $69
Fall Down the Rabbit Hole, June3-July 28: $89
Play croquet with the Queen, July 29-Aug 10: $109

Bus + Naked Bus
$40 per person, limited to 90 people.
Buses leave from Casa Guadalajara in Old Town.
Buses arrive at 4PM, and will be leaving as soon as they’re full. (Last bus leaves at 5PM!! This is not hash time, but actual real people time. Don’t be late, or you’re on your own.)
Buses will be loaded with various forms of alcoholic enjoyment, included in the bus rego. The buses are the suggested method of transportation, as there is not much parking at the campsite.

There are FOUR(4) bungalows available. Bungalows have a full bathroom, including shower, bunk beds, & one full size bed. (Pics to follow.) These will be done via silent auction, please message either High Beams or Horsey with your bid. The 4 highest bids win. Great for sharing with close friends, or setting up your own sex dungeon.

Taking a page from last years MM, get your SENTRI pass now!!!

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