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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Friday, June 29, 2018 12:00pm
Humpin Campout - White Trash Hash
Hare(s): This year's MM and next
Address: Falcon Group Campgroud
Main Divide Truck Trail
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
Directions: I-15 north, exit Baxter Dr (EXIT 69!!!)
Follow the Googs from there
Run Fee: $69-$99
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: No
Hey y’all, why don’t y’all ever take ‘dem christmas lights down?! Ew know it’s Juuuly, right?! Goddamnit Jed, git your mangy dog off my yard! He shit on my flamingos ag’in. Judy, for christ sake, go feed yer baby, that beer can pyramid is tall enough! Naaaaahhhh… I’m just kiddin’! I got a whole stash over her’ you can add tew it!

That’s right wankers! It’s Humpin Campout time again!! Grab your astro turf, your werst lawn chair, them christmas lights that is misisng half the bulbs, but gosh dang it, they still werk, it’s the WHITE TRASH HASH CAMPOUT

$69 - April 27-May 4 (7 days only!!)
$79 - May 5-May 31
$89 - June 1-June 24
$99 - June 25-June 29

Your rego gets you ice cold beer tapped all weekend (YAY!), 5 meals prepared by none other than our resident masterchef, Pop Rocks (YAY!), midnight naked run (YAY!), naked dance tent (YAY!), ball buster trail (YAY!), games, including mud wrassling (YAY!), shot crawl (YAY!), awesome giveaways (YAY!), A REDNECK HOT TUB (whaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!). Because…. We are the UNSTOPPABLE FIST! And we can make anything worse… and we do, biiiitch!

Cash payments made to Meso Hyundai at any runstart, but you must still fill out a registration form through EZ Register. Select the "Payment by check" option.

Falcon Group Campsite
Main Divide Truck Trail
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Roughly an hour and a half drive from San Diego, it’s just north of Temecula. We reserved all three sites, so there’s no one who’s can bug us! Plenty of parking, but it’s always fun to ride a buddy... oh, um, I mean ride WITH a buddy. Carpooling is always encouraged: ROAD ORGY!

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