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North County
North County Hash  Every Saturday morning.   Saturday, March 16, 2019 10:00am
Still only $6!
Hare(s): Captain Jerk, Just Marina, Tastes Like Home and Purple Pussy Eater
Address: Del Mar Hills Elementary School
14085 Mango Dr, Del Mar, 92014
Directions: Exit 5 at Del Mar heights, go toward big salty blue wet thing, make first right on Mango, enter school lot at the first 4-way stop
Map Link:
Run Fee: $6
Trail type: A to A prime
Dog friendly: Yes
Who provides you with all the shiggy, beer, food and comedy you can eat for only $6? We do!

Today's trail features exciting and perhaps virgin terrain that we'll run TOGETHER, solid beer checks that defer all the warm Tecate to down-downs, and an exciting new backyard ending with BBQ lunch.

NC is a hash that holds fast to its traditions -- and not just because some of its members can remember back to when the runfee was sixpence, which was long before the bag wagon was a covered wagon. NCH3 stands proud to not go out of its way to step on other hashes with its fine events. (Some other kennel used to have fine events and be similarly respectful before it died out).

Wear green if you wanna and kilt your way through the shiggy if you must, for St. Patrick day is the next day.

Looks like weather forecast says YES -- the first non-rainy weekend in years! In San Diego. Wow.

Did we mention it's still only $6 for a day of fun, fun fun? Bring an ID and a few $ on trail to partake in an entirely optional yet scenic beverage stop.

Walkers: 1.5 mi. 1 beer check.
Turkey 5.5 mi. 2 beer checks.
Eagle 6.5 mi, and challenging vertically, but super super pretty. 2 beer checks. Do trail twice and you get 4.

All estimates +/- 2 miles


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