DO NOT enter run-starts unless you have a location.
Just knowing the Hare and the date helps no one.

Run starts without locations will be deleted!

Run Entry Template

Items in bold are mandatory


This is only for San Diego area hash events. This is NOT for bar crawls, parties, or even hash events outside of San Diego. If you feel that your event should be posted to the Special Events calendar (right-hand column, at the top), please use the Suggestions link at the bottom of the page. If it is not an official San Diego area hash event, it will be deleted without warning.

Many of us have experienced occasional problems posting runstarts on All the fields are filled in, you click "submit" and the next thing you know, you're looking at an error page. Unfortunately, the error page only tells you that there is something wrong with your post but it doesn't tell you WHAT is wrong. So, here are the top three reasons for the error:

  1. TOO MANY CHARACTERS IN ANY GIVEN FIELD: Each field (hares, location, notes, etc) only allows a certain number of characters but it doesn't stop you when you surpass the limit.
  2. SPECIAL CHARACTERS: Plain ASCII text only.
  3. COPY/PASTING FROM MICROSOFT WORD OR OTHER PROGRAM: Oftentimes these programs use unseen codes that unknowingly get copied with the text. This is often also the cause of problem #2.
  4. PROFANITY: There is a word filter that kicks in every now and then, which may cause a Forbidden error message to show. This will be fixed once this page is replaced.
Kennel Name Choose from the menu, OR type in a name
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Name and URL directions
Run name and Run URL (URL means webpage) are both optional
  • If you enter both a Run name and Run URL the name will be a link to the URL
  • If you enter a Run URL, but give no Run name, the link will say Website
  • If you enter a Run name, but give no Run URL, the name will be plain text
Run Name:
Run URL:
  Include http:// for links in other domains.
 Check if this run should appear on the special event calendar.
     DO NOT check this box unless your run is really a special event, or it will be deleted
Time:  :
Beer check(s):  
Thomas Bros help  Thomas Bros:  
Google Maps help  Google Maps URL:  http://
 Facebook Event:  
Run Fee:  
Trail Type help Trail Type:  
On after:  
Dog friendly:  
Notes: Please include nearest major freeway.
<Enter> key forces line break. NO HTML tags!
Due to Cross Site Posting Security Problems
Mail instructions for editing this runstart to:
Email address: 

This address will NOT appear in the run listing
It will not be saved in any way. We only use it to send
you a link so that you may edit your run start.

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