San Diego Hash House Harriers
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Every Friday and
every other Sunday

California Larrikins Hash House Harriers
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Every Monday

Iron Rule
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Every other Friday

La Jolla H3
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Every Monday

North County
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Every Saturday
at 10am sharp
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Humpin Hash
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Every Sunday, Humpin time

Full Moon Hash
The Original
Full Moon H3
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Once, sometimes
twice, a month

Vollyball Hash
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Half-Assed Hash
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Once a month

Pub Hash
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Second Tuesday
of the month

Mission Harriettes
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Wednesday, once a month

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First Thursday of the month

Tijuana Hash House Harriers
Tijuana Hash
House Harriers
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Once a month, on Saturdays

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Saturday, once a month
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Hashes Today

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La Jolla
La Jolla Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, March 4, 2024 6:00pm
Hare(s): EZ Out, AssTransit, Knothole
Address: 3570 Donna Dr. Carlsbad 92008
Directions: Between I-5 and El Camino, El El Camino, north of Chestnut Ave.
Map Link:
Run Fee: $8 or membership
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Dog friendly trail and end.
4 mile trail with possible eagle loop.
Bring your mugs and bowls.

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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, March 4, 2024 6:30pm
Just Tony's Racest Roulette Hash
Hare(s): Just Tony
Address: Hearth House
5505 Jackson Dr, La Mesa, CA 91942
Map Link:
Run Fee: $5
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: No
Cum Join Just Tony's Racest Roulette, Bring your favorite race-themed shirts from past 5k's, 10k's etc so that you can show the world your finishing abilities ;) Get ready to roll the dice on this wild adventure. Brace yourself for not one, not three, but two drink checks where you'll encounter red and black colored concoctions, just like the roulette wheel! It's a gamble of a good time where every step could lead to a scandalous story!

Hashes Later This Week

Link to this Event  View Map San Diego Hop Highway Hash    Thursday, March 7, 2024 6:30pm
Hare(s): Captain Jerk and The West Coast Amigos
Address: En Fuego Cantina
1342 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA 92014
Directions: En Fuego doesn't have much of a lot, so look for a spot on Camino Del Mar or in the neighborhood east of there (up the hill a little). Head downstairs to the cute subterranean bar.
Map Link:
Run Fee: $5 (for one beer check and down-downs)
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Hop Highway's doing our inaugoral 2024 run this Thurs! Trail will include 3 beer stops, 2 with buy-yer-own-fancy-brew options. This is a real running trail of about 2.5 miles, some of which may be very dark, so bring headlamp or very charged up phone.

Bring an ID too if you look under 60, for Del Mar isn't always used to seeing anybody much younger than that. Brewery stops are super dog-friendly, as is the start/end.

Salud & OnON! -CJ

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Iron Rule
Iron Rule Hash  Every other Friday night.   Friday, March 8, 2024 6:00pm
Hare(s): Mae West
Address: 9604 Candy Lane, La Mesa, CA 91941 - use your smart phone to find it.
Directions: Candy Lane is off Lemon Avenue in Mt Helix. Take Fuerte off ramp from I8 or Lemon from I125.
Map Link:
Thomas Bros: 1271 C1
Run Fee: $8.00
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
This will be a kinder Iron Rule length run. will not escape hills. Parking is limited at the top. Beermeister, Winer, Gillard's and Ede's are cleared to park at the top. One more car may fit - let Mae West know. Otherwise, park on street and walk up.

Indoor and outdoor seating available - bring your chairs. Hot tub will be on for after the run.

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North County
North County Hash  Every Saturday morning.   Saturday, March 9, 2024 10:00am
Hare(s): Snane, Bedpost and Easy Out
Address: 9050 Trailmark Way
Santee, 92071
Directions: use your phone maps
For most you will take Hwy 52 east and get off on Mast Blvd. Then a left on Weston Rd
Map Link:
Thomas Bros: Not on my Thomas Brothers because its a new development
Run Fee: $6
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Come out to Santee for some virgin trail and run start. 4 1/2 mile turkey and 7 mile eagle trail. 1 beer check for turkey and 2 for the eagles. You will get your feet wet so be prepared.

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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, March 11, 2024 6:30pm
A Purrfect Kitty Trail!
Hare(s): One Hurl One Cup, Skanky Doodle Handy, Whorechada
Address: Balboa's Tap House
4421 Genesee Ave.
San Diego, CA 92117
Directions: Plenty of parking in the lot.
Map Link:
Run Fee: $5
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Meow! We must pride ourselves together to stave off the Coyotes packs in the shiggylishious kitty cat canyons, as we also cruise the streets of Clairemont doing our best stray cat struts! Wear your finest kitty attire. Our hosts close promptly at 10, so don't be late, and trail will be just a little over 3 miles. I think its dog friendly (besides all the crazy cats around!), but I haven't checked in with the bar. Full food menu available - yay - and Monday is $5 pints for all tap beers!!

Hashes Later This Month

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Pub Hash  The second Tuesday of every month.   Tuesday, March 12, 2024 6:30pm
The Ides of March Madness
Hare(s): Pop Rocks & Nuthin but a Horn Dog
Address: 4421 Genesee Ave, San Diego, CA 92117
Directions: The Bar, Balboa's Tap House is in the parking lot of Sprouts.
Map Link:
Run Fee: $4 to $PubHashSD on Cash App or $5 Cash
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Cum to Pub Hash and try to snare Pop Rocks as he hares a live trail around clairemont. It's March so all the trivia questions being asked by Nuthin but a Horn Dog will be everything March related. There will be Not 1, but 3 Beer Checks because that's all Pop Rocks knows! This trail will be under 3 Miles and there will be some shiggy off course but easily accomplished by all! This is an A to A trail where you can get great drinks and food at start or finish! ON ON

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Half-Assed Hash  About once a month.   Saturday, March 16, 2024 2:00pm
St Paddy's Half Assed Rollover
Hare(s): Bloody In Tents, COP, Man Aids
Address: 4513 Georgia Street, San Diego, CA 92116
Directions: Googles
Map Link:
Run Fee: $5
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
It's that time of year where your Mismanagement weighs the pros and cons of relinquishing their crowns and erecting a new batch of suckers... I mean lucky bastards... to lead you poor wankers away from impending sobriety. Should we do nothing and rule over you drunkards for yet another year? (We're really good at doing nothing!) Or should we give someone else a chance to surpass our slothy Half-Ass-edness?

Ok fine. We'll pass the torch. This year we'll count on the luck of the Irish to help us remember what happened at erections. Don't worry, no one will notice this time when you wake up drunk; it will be St Paddy's Day!

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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, March 18, 2024 6:30pm
9th Annual Larrikins Green Dress Run
Hare(s): Fingerbang An O'Rangutan & Restroom McLette
Address: Hillcrest (exact location TBD)
Map Link:
Run Fee: $5
Trail type: A to A prime
Dog friendly: No
Slainte! Come out to the 9th Anal Larrikins Green Dress Run. This year, we're taking it to the streets of Hillcrest! It's the day after St. Paddy's so you can get some hare of the dog during this shitshow of a run/pub crawl. There will be 1 green drink check and a couple of bar checks so bring cash and ID on trail. The on-in is excited to see everyone in a green dress and they stay open late! Please take a Lyft or make other plans to get home safely. Now get out there and find a green dress that makes your ass look fabulous!

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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Saturday, April 13, 2024 12:00pm
Bar2Bar: Rocket and Sally's Purple Wedding Bachelor/Bachelorette
Hare(s): Rock Hard, BORT, Pop Rockz, Kids Meal, Anal Rose, Dragon Dick
Address: Holiday Park, Carlsbad
Map Link:
Run Fee: Before March 1: $49; March 1-31: $59 April 1onward: $69
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Other (specified in Notes)
Cum one, cum all and celebrate the upcoming unholy union of two people brought together by the Humpin Hash. This year's theme is a bachelor/bachelorette party in honor of Rocket and Sally -- wear your best purple, penis necklaces, and other on theme regalia as you see fit. Rego covers lunch, pre- and post-trail drinks, drink checks on trail, plus one drink per hasher at some of the bar stops on trail, and a keepsake better than herpes.

Rego will be up on Hash Rego soon -- payment to Humpin Cashapp with your hash name and bar2bar in the subject line.

Hash hotel forthcumming - suggestions welcome


June 6-9, 2024

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