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Hare Notes:
We usually have 30-60 (more in the summer) hashers. The most important item is the ending. Larrikin trails end in a bar. So take into consideration the size of this group and the size of the bar, if they have a private area, etc etc.

Things you should do the week prior:

  • Talk to the bartender/manager or owner and let them know what we do to prevent misunderstandings. Just showing up is generally not cool, and managers are easy to talk to. Most are really appreciative of a lot of business on an otherwise slow night.
  • During football season it is not a good idea to end at a place which will have people trying to watch Monday night football.
  • Flabio has listed some Larrikin friendly bars on Yelp. You don't have to use these bars, but it's a good place to get some ideas for an ending.
  • You should orient the trail towards people, not dogs, but if your trail and/or ending is dog friendly, make a note on the run start site. It's also nice to include if there will be fence hopping or such obstacles, as hashers do occasionally get injured, but will try to run anyway. Some hashers will appreciate this.
  • Try to arrange a special discount on beer for the Hashers (even just on domestic is fine) and pitchers for Down-downs. If you need assistance negotiating prices contact the mis-management. Often they'll extend happy hour prices for us.
  • It's also imperative that you choose a finish that either serves food or allows outside food to be brought in.
Larrikin trails generally feature 1-2 Beer Checks. If you would like reimbursement, you need to contact the hash cash. Our budget is limited so if you have something special, coordinate accordingly so you can be reimbursed. Keep your receipts.

All other costs are your responsibility (flour, chalk, TP, etc).


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