Haring Guidelines for the DRH3

General Guidelines

Hashing has no rules, but Haring does, especially for this kid-friendly hash. To ensure that we all have fun, the kids stay safe, and the Hares aren't dismembered, here are a few basic guidelines to follow when haring for the DRH3.

1) Hare(s) start at 9:45 am, pack off at 10 am.
2) Safe place for toddlers at start/finish.
3) A to A – ALWAYS - the end should be close enough to the start to walk back (mostly due to car seat, stroller and jogger logistical issues).
4) Main trail must be stroller/jogger friendly, 40 min to 1 hr (for slow jogger) (5 mile max, 3 mile min).
5) Include a short trail for young kids (with parent) to complete (1 to 2 miles).
6) Family-friendly brunch/lunch at end.
7) Family-friendly down-downs will ideally start at 11:30 am, done by noon.
8) No dogs (due to not-so-dog friendly starts, endings and kids).
9) All down-downs will be kid-friendly. This one is worth repeating.

Two (2) hares get to run for free.

VIRGIN HARES must lay with an experienced Hare, never with another Virgin.

RUN START and finish:

Use common sense. The start should allow sufficient, safe parking without the risk of tickets, towing, etc. Be sure the expected crowd can be accommodated at the start area. Don't put us out in the middle of a busy street. The end will be in an area where beer is legal, where the hash can congregate without interference, which should definitely include restrooms. Get everyone to the finish in about an hour. Avoid traffic, crossing busy intersections, and respect "No Trespassing" signs. In case of rain, an alternate site that is sheltered, or at least covered is a must (in winter).

B-Van. No B-Van should be necessary if you are following these instructions. It must be an A to A run to accommodate the strollers and joggers, etc.


Hares are responsible for finding any Hashers still out on the trail by the time the down-downs are over. This is good incentive to lay a well-marked trail!!! The search party starts with the hares.


Pick up the cooler(s) and other “stuff” at the run before yours. Inventory what you pick up to help when buying needed items for your run. Empty and dry out the coolers and soda cans to prevent creatures from growing in them.


Trails must be baby-jogger-friendly. There should typically be two trails laid; a 1-2 mile fun run (for bigger kids and walkers/strollers), and a 4-5 mile baby jogger trail.  Hares should run the entire trail(s) and time it to estimate the overall length – add sufficient time to accommodate for walkers, strollers and kid-steps. Optimally, the pack should finish at about the same time.

Flour marks should be approximately every 10 paces. Hare arrows should be used to indicate any change in direction and at all street corners. Toilet paper can be used when flour and arrows can not be seen. Checks tend to bring the strewn out pack together; as front runners look for true trail from a check the rest of the pack reaches the check waiting for an inkling as to where to go next.

A trail should be easy to follow when you are on trail; flour placement can be clever, but should not be hidden. Use interesting checks to keep the pack together, not obscure trails.

Trails should not go through private property without owners' permission. Dangerous places, such as unstable cliffs or heavy traffic areas, should be avoided completely.

Beer checks are a good idea, and should include kid-friendly drinks such as sodas, juice & plenty of water. Longer trails and trails on hot days should include extra water.


You are responsible to buy the following items while staying within your budget. Don't expect to be reimbursed if you spend more than the budgeted amount without first checking with the Hash cash.

Beer (get decent beer that is within your budget)
Soda, Juice, Water
Cups (if needed – check the inventory before buying)
Plates & Bowls (if/as needed – check the inventory before buying)
Eating utensils (if/as needed – check the inventory before buying)
Ice for coolers (10# per cooler)
Munchies: typically; red vines, seasonal fruits, animal crackers, veggies (whatever else looks good, is relatively healthy, and is within your budget).

Some important considerations:

Generally, plan to provide food for approx. 35 adult hashers (unless it is a special event – adjust up and down as appropriate, considering weather, other events, holidays, travel, special occasions, marketing efforts, etc.)

Hash cash will reimburse you after your Hash. Provide her with receipts of your purchases.

The budget is roughly $2.80 pp, and is determined from the standard run fee of $5.00 for Adults and kids 10 yrs. and older, and $3.00 for kids 2 yrs. – 10 yrs (kids under 2 play for free). If you need more cash you can make arrangements for a higher run fee with the Hare Raiser when you sign up. This is discouraged, but there may be exceptions granted for occasional theme runs. We are still a young hash trying to ‘get off the ground'.


Suggestions: PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICHES!!! Kids love ‘em, and admit it, adults love ‘em too. They're filling and relatively healthy, easy and CHEAP!

Barbequing is generally discouraged due to low numbers at our runs and the expense involved (charcoal, lighter fluid, grilling items, condiments, etc.) – it never works within a DRH3 budget. If you insist on bbqing, be prepared to eat the loss or arrange to raise the run fee.

Consider also; deli sandwiches (build your own), pizza, or feel free to make a big pot of chili! Please remember, we do have vegans and children to consider… consider the PB&J alternative again… ;)