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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Sunday, July 24, 2011 2:00pm
Hare(s): Sponge, Captain Jerk, BORT, Sucking Seabiscuit, Thomas the Tanked Locomotive, and Super Secret OC Hare
Location: San Juan Capistrano Train Station - 26701 Verdugo Street SJC
Directions: BY TRAIN: Get off in San Juan Capistrano, and get off the train at the station. LFH in the station parking lot. DRIVING: Exit I-5 at Ortega Hwy and go west. Go left on Camino Crapistrano then go right on Verdugo. Parking details below.
Thomas Bros: 408 H4
Run Fee: $6
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Humpin' has pillaged The 92008 over the years and will now invade The 92675. Multiple drink checks, 3 counties of hares, great trail, new ending, new and super f'n cool on~on~on, and of course, new and super f'n cool mismanagement.

Due to said multiple drink checks and wanton cross-county debauchery your hares suggest you take the train. Here's what we'll be doing:
AMTRAK #577 picks up here:

- San Diego 12:55 p
- Solana Beach: 1:29 p
- O-Siiiiide: 1:44 P
...arriving Crapistrano just in time for Hare Lies at 2:14 p.

We've found that Amtrak sort of tolerates us having jello shots on the train as long as Titan Tits supervises, and if all else fails, they sell Arrogant Bastard on board.

Amtrak discounts are available online to AAA members, AA members, hashers over 70, and hashers with train-like names. Just ask. Or get yer ticket at the station.

Trains departing southbound about every hour until about 11:20 that night.

DRIVING: If you gotta, fine. If the r*nstart train lot is full, go to the parking garage and proceed to the Metrolink Level. Those spots are free over the weekend.

Bring extra shoes for afterward, a few $$ for a bonus drink check on trail, your ID, and an extra liver. On-On!

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