San Diego Area Run Start
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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Sunday, November 27, 2022 10:00am
What, No more Turkey?!
Hare(s): Rusty Balls
Address: Lake Murray Community Park
7001 Murray Park Dr, San Diego, CA 92119
Directions: If Google is correct, park on Murray Park/ Golf Crest Dr and look for the people with socks that say random things like shiggy.
Map Link:
Run Fee: $10 Cash App to $SanDiegoH3, $1 off for each Virgin you bring, Virgins r*n second trail for $Free
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Other (specified in Notes)
What, No more Turkeyââ,¬Â½
Never!!! As long as the Hares have something to mark trails with. Can you really lay a trail with left over gravy and cranberry sauce???

You survived the chaos at Walmart on Black Friday and last week's shitty trails. Hopefully you still have 10 bucks somewhere. Look deep in the know - beneath the lint, beer-soaked tank top, and sweaty thong you forgot about three weeks ago.

Maybe you are just still groggy from all the leftover Turkey however Sunday is a great day. It is a hashing day. It is time to run off those calories, so you can drink more beer without feeling guilty. Or if you regularly walk and drink beer without guilt - you have an excuse to drink beer. Get your hash up and make your way to Lake Murray.

Cum dressed as a pilgrim, a turkey, in an ugly Holiday sweater or even as Elvis. Who cares - just cum dressed.
Rusty is emerging from his food induced coma and haring hiatus to bring you another lovely trail in the wilds of San Carlos.

Forgive me hashers, it has been three years since I last laid... what am I talking about, those other kennels don't count, I never laid a trail in San Diego. Trails no, Harriettes yes. Lovely, well booty, is in the eye of the beer holder.

What I really meant to write was hilly trail, not lovely. I am rambling now like my trail will.
There will be a Turkey and a Double Turkey... with at least one beverage stop. Because who doesn't want more alcohol with their Turkey?

So, if you really have nothing to do on a Sunday, then ramble over to Lake Murray Community Park - 7001 Murray Park Dr. If Google is correct, park on Murray Park/ Golf Crest Dr and look for the people with socks that say random things like shiggy.

Dogs should be ok on the trail if the people they are pulling along by the leash are not too drunk... Mini people movers - aka strollers - should too, but make sure you set the breaks on the hills or keep on hand on the handle for balance when you stop for beer.

The hare guarantees this will be a great trail with ~4 miles true trail, a walkers shortcut, some hills, no shiggy, cold beer, and plenty of blue skies. Actually, there will be some semblance of a trail and beer. I am not a weatherperson but I am pretty confident (like 80/ 20) the weather in San Diego will be ok. Is that a hill or a mountain? I am still trying to figure out what shiggy is too.

Did I mention there will be a Virgin....well a San Diego Virgin Hare.

If everything sucks...then you will be really lucky because there will also be beer and mimosas in addition to all the sucking. You can't really get lost cause its Lake Murray Community Park to Lake Murray Community Park.

If you find a set of keys on trail... some other hare lost one a few months ago but I am sure they changed the locks by now. Oh, somebody said something about food too. I promise it won't be Turkey and will include a nomnivore and vegetarian option. Rambling On-On

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