In 1990 a small group of veteran San Diego hashers had decided that they wanted a change from the usual debauchery experienced at the weekly Friday night run. Looking to create a smaller, intimate, and slightly more family-friendly hash, with especially good food and beer, Apollo, aided by Mr. Spock, started the hash on August 3, 1990. Not to deprive any of it's members of the chance to regularly participate in the fun of the San Diego Hash, they decided to meet every other Friday night. After a lengthy naming process the name "Iron Rule Hash" was selected - based on the founders requirement for some kind of "rules" and also reflecting the age-enhanced condition of the founders.

The Iron Rule:
You have to be over 40, have slept with someone over 40, or want to sleep with someone over 40.

Other rules:
  • There will be good beer and there will be no whiners only "winers".
  • No trails will be set through dangerous canyons in the dark.
  • Trails may be challenging, but not stupid and dangerous.
  • Fast runners will mark the true trail at checks so the back of the pack can catch up.
  • The end of the run will be within walking distance of the start or transportation back will be prearranged by the hares.
  • The word "bloody" will be substituted for the "F*%#" word in down-down songs.