Your First Hash Run

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The first rule of Hashing is THERE ARE NO RULES!   This rule also applies to anyone who wants to start Hashing.  There are no dues and no "joining."   Nobody cares how fast or slow you run, what you wear, or what you do for a living.

Just find a run and come on out!  Try to get to the start about 10 minutes early.  Find the "Hash Cash" who will take down your name (to identify the body later on) and collect your run fee.  Let the Hash Cash know that this is your first run, and they will make sure that you get a "first timer" briefing before the run.

Do you want to Hash but unsure of the type of people you will meet?
Try this nifty flow chart to help choose which group is right for you: Hash Kennel Flow Chart

Here are a few things you might want to bring along on your first (and subsequent) Hash:

    A decent set of running shoes.

    Your run fee.  Usually between $2 - $10.  It's also a good idea to pack a few extra bucks in case you want to go out to eat/drink/dance after the Hash.  Some Kennels now accept or require electronic payment.   SDH3 for example requires its run fees paid using the smart phone App called "Cash" or "CashApp". Click here for more info on using electronic payment services.

    A "run bag."  This can be a gym bag or backpack with all your Hashing trash in it.  You put this in the "B-Van" at the beginning of the run and it will be auto-magically transported to the end by the hares.

    Some dry clothes to change into after the run.  Bring something warm, especially if you are running at night.  It's also a good idea to carry a dry pair of socks -- you never know!

    A flashlight for nightime runs.  In fact, keep it in your bag at all times.  Some hares have been known to set a day-time trail through tunnels.

Also -- some optional items you might consider include a reflective vest for night runs, extra shoes, gloves, an extra key for your car, pen and paper, condoms, duct tape, and a clove of garlic.

Please Note:  This information applies to the San Diego area Hashes, results may vary in other locales!