Serves 100


6 Bags tossed salad (2-lbs. ea.)

3 Bags Spring Mix salad

2 pkg. cherry type tomatoes

1 #10 can whole olives

1 #10 can artichokes (or 2 large jars)

If using a can of un-marinated artichokes (they are cheaper), just add some olive oil, garlic and a little Italian seasoning into the can after draining it.  Don’t forget to chop the chokes if they are whole!!

1 #10 can Garbanzo beans (optional)

2 Red onions sliced

1 pkg. Feta cheese (a block of cheese is cheaper, you have to crumble it yourself)

2 or 4 full steam aluminum pans (disposable) depending on how you are serving it.  One tray serves about 25 people.





Olive Oil                    

Balsamic Vinegar

Garlic Salt or powder

Italian Seasoning


I mix ingredients to taste by "sweeping" over the salad with each one, mix and sweep again, take a taste and add more of what it needs.


Put the toppings on after the lettuce has the dressing on it.


One tray serves about 25 people.


My order of preference for the toppings:



Garbanzo beans



Feta Cheese



If using bottled salad dressing, you can pre-make the trays and have them ready to serve and hashers put the dressing on themselves.  It’s way easier than mixing the dressing from scratch and no one seems to know the difference. 




16 5# Bags tossed salad

  7 3# Bags spring mix

  3 Flats cherry or grape tomatoes

  4 #10 cans garbanzo beans

  4 #10 cans whole medium olives

  4 #10 cans artichokes (actually had 2 qt. marinated artichokes that

                                       were mixed in with the plain ones from the can)

  4 Gallons Italian dressing (any dressing can be used, or make it fresh)

16 lbs. Feta Cheese

15-lbs. approx. sliced red onion

10 or more full steam aluminum pans (disposable)

12 or more half-steam aluminum pans (disposable)

2 BIG plastic bowls with handles

8 sets of salad tongs

Plastic gloves

Paper towels

Kitchen scissors

Can Opener






Drained the cans, sliced the onion, rinsed off tomatoes and picked off stems.

Lined 2 BIG coolers with plastic drop cloths.

Dumped the spring mix greens into a big bowl and chopped up with scissors a little.

Mixed 2 or 3 tossed salad bags to one spring mix bag into the coolers and mixed up till all salad was in coolers.

Feta cheese came in blocks.....had to crumble by hand.

Placed all toppings in the 1/2 steam pans and lined them up on 2 tables, leaving room at the end for the stack of full pans and big tossing bowl.

Filled tossing bowl with lettuce from cooler mixed in salad dressing and tossed.  Dumped into full steam tray, and slide down the table for a layer of each topping.

Had 4 trays per table in the eating area, as the trays emptied, brought tray back to prep area and filled them up.


My preference for topping order:



Garbanzo beans



Feta Cheese