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So you want to play the game...
  First of all welcome!

If you enjoy running off of the beaten path, are adventurous, don't mind getting a little dirt on your shoes, rowdy,  or being creative...  if you have a bit of that childhood spirit left- you are in the right place! (Note: You don't have to like running as a sport, trust me.)

There are NO rules in hashing... but here are some helpful guidelines:

>Try to get to the hash 10 minutes early. (Each run has a different start location.)

>Find the lovely hash cash, give her the $6 fee (includes beer & dinner),  let her know it is your "first time"

>When you hear the call for first timers, new boots, or virgins... that's you! Head on over for chalk talk.

   At chalk talk they will go over our trail markings and guidelines which help to ensure

      a) that you do not get lost       and         b) that you get to the beer.

> Learn more about our markings from the link on our front page. Markings & traditions for every hash group are different.

>The call for "hare lies" will come, this brief includes trail specific information, well either that or complete and total bullshit.

>New shoes are not recommended although you are free to wear them at your own risk.

Things you should bring:

>A flash light, whistle, and some chalk if you have it laying around.

Having a flashlight comes in VERY handy at night, the whistle will help you call to others over a wider distance if you or they are lost or uncertain, and the chalk allows you to help mark the course, draw body outlines, or play hopscotch...

>A change of shoes, a change of clothes and a layer of warmer clothes are a good idea as we run in the evening. After a good hard trail body sweat can cause quite the chill. There's nothing like a wet pair of shoes and a wet sports bra to make me shudder.

>A run bag. Yes that's right you can place all of the clothing items above in a run bag, including anything valuable lest you loose it on trail (wallet, cell phone, car keys) and the hares will have it transported to the end, ready and waiting!

Some people prefer to keep their keys or cell phone on them, just be aware that you may be running down slippery embankments or through water.

>Bring a smile & a good attitude, and I guarantee you will have a blast & be hooked!