Traditions & Markings Guide

    The Harriettes run Wednesday nights once a month at 6:30pm.

@ All checks must be solved by a harriette.

@ At least one/two harriettes must lead the pack. Male hashers must follow at least one harriette at all times.

@ Abuse of this 'guideline' causes the hasher to risk being awarded the Harriettes FRB bra.

@ If awarded the harriette FRB bra, the hasher must wear it on the next Harriettes run.

@ Last of all, our entire mismanagement is made up of Harriettes only.

I love these traditions. Having the harriettes leading the pack keeps them on their toes & gives the boys something to look at.




  • The Harriettes run every other Wednesday evening at 6:30pm (opposite of the Pick Up Hash).
  • Entire mismanagement made up of Harriettes only.
  • If the hash shit is awarded to a male hasher, he must choose a Harriette to carry it.
    (Male hashers cannot take posession of the Harriette hash shit.)
  • Checks can be solved by Harriettes only.