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General Guidelines

Hashing has no rules, but Haring does.

To ensure that we all have fun, and that the Hares aren't dismembered, here are a few guidelines.


VIRGIN HARES must lay with experienced Hares, never with other Virgins. Ideally 2 experienced Hares with one Virgin.

Ride start: The start should allow sufficient, safe parking without tickets, towing, etc. Be sure the expected crowd can be accommodated at the start area. Don't put us out in the middle of a busy street.

Hash cash wants to pack up and ride just like everyone else so pay early.

One hare gets to ride for free for a normal single trail.
Two hares get to ride for free if you are providing food or laying turkey and eagle trails.

Generally there is no B-Van but if you want to use one, please make appropriate arrangements; a second hare can ride for free if they are in charge of the B van.

Ride end. The end will be in an area where beer is legal, and where the hash can congregate without interference. Don't put us in an illegal area where the Police are going to rush us out of. Get everyone to the finish in about two hours. Avoid traffic, crossing busy intersections, and respect "No Trespassing" signs.

LOST HASHERS: Hares are responsible for finding any Hashers still out on the trail by the time the ON ON is over. This is good incentive to lay a well-marked trail!!! The search party starts with the hares.

ON ON Should be within walking or short ride distance of the start. Ideally the site should be well lighted and include restrooms. In case of rain an alternate site that is sheltered, or at least covered is a must in winter.

The Trail

It is important to communicate the length and difficulty in the ride start (hare lies will make unhappy bikers).

  • Difficulty is based on the vertical gain and for mountain bikes, how technical the trail is.

  • Mountain bike trails: 10-15 miles for a normal ride, 15-20 for eagle

  • Road Bike trails: 15-20 miles for normal ride, 25-40 for eagle.

Laying trail live on a bike is difficult and can be a bit dangerous. It is best to pre-lay as much a possible so you can safely take your time. Take flour and chalk on the ride to re-mark the parts that vanish over-night or in the morning (it happens a lot!). Stash flour on trail to avoid carrying a heavy bag.

For group rides (acceptable bike hash behavior) hand out chalk to the group so everyone can help mark the trail for those people that show up late. Maps are acceptable but you should leave some at the start so latecomers know what to do. Be sure to chalk the address of the on-in.

Flour marks should be at every intersection and often on a straght path to give people comfort they are on trail.

Use HOTD arrows! Often the pack gets confused with regular arrows because of recent running hash activity. We lose a lot of riders that way!

HOTD arrows should be used to indicate any change in direction and at all street corners. Toilet paper can be used when flour and arrows can not be seen.

Checks tend to bring the strewn out run group together, as front runners look for true trail from a check while the rest of the pack reaches the check waiting for an inkling as to where to go next.

  • A hash ride should contain approximately a half dozen checks.
  • The trail should start up within 100 yards of the check. Back tracks should be less than 1/4 mile long.
  • The true trail should come out of check in a forward direction, on to the right or left, (not back in the direction of the original trail).
  • A trail should be easy to follow when you are on trail, flour placement can be clever, but should not be hidden.
  • Use interesting checks to keep the pack together, not obscure trails.
  • Trails should not go through private property without owners' permission.
  • Dangerous places, such as unstable cliffs on night runs or heavy traffic areas, should be avoided.
  • Beer checks are a good idea, and should include sodas & plenty of water. Long and/or hot trails should include extra water.
  • At a check, a trail cannot 'die'. If a trail is marked and it is not true trail there will be a backtrack made by three lines across the trail.

Run Budget

The HOTD doesn't have much money as there is typically only 7-15 people paying. Hares in the past have been very generous in providing more than they get re-imbursed but it is not necessary. HOTD'ers are generally happy to bring their own adult beverages and something to share.

Heres the deal: The most important thing is to be clear in the run-start directions exactly what you are providing and what people should bring or expect.

If ending at a bar and no beercheck: $3 and make sure there is food for purchase at the bar or next door. The $3 will be used for down down beer. (we like good beer and pichers of Sierra Nevada run about $20).

If ending elsewhere, at least $3 and include instructions for what you are providing (i.e. down down beer only). No more than $7 unless its a "special" hash (like a wine tasting or something).

Typically it should go like this: Fee = $6. BBQ at ending, we are providing bratwurst and fixings, bring something to share and your own beverages.

It's good to have water at the ending and at beerchecks. It's good to have a 12 pack of beer at the end too (though you don't have to).

Hashcash will reimburse you after your Hash. Provide him/her with receipts of your purchases.