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SDH3 has the equipment - You can check it out!!!
3 Burner Stove Top and 3 Propane Tanks with regulator Camp Light - Battery Powered 2 Frying Pans
3-40 Qt. Pots and Lids Measuring Container and Lid Large Pot
Serving Containers (2 Large and 4 Small) Lantern-Propane (needs repair) Collender

SDH3 -- Equipment List and Check Out

The Hares can obtain cooking, serving and lighting equipment from the Equipment Master (EM) - see photos of available equipment (above)

Current EM is

Equipment will be available on the Wednesday before the Friday hash at the EM address or will be available at the end of the Friday hash if needed the Sunday Hash Hares - the Sunday Hares will need to coordinate with prior Friday Hares to obtain the equipment they need from them. - there is no F*** *** check procedures - no audits - but if you FU - you will be found and punished - guilty or not

All equipment will be returned by Tuesday -- post hash weekend event -- in ready to use condition (repaired if necessary and CLEAN) - all items will properly stored in appointed area.

Pick up and return is the responsibility of the Hares -

The EM is not your bitch - and is usually drinking heavily will NOT be able to show you how to use a pan, oven or whatever - so FU

Current EM pickup and return process:

Hares will come to the EM address - enter the side door of the garage -- it is always unlocked (no need to call ) - the equipment is stored near the front garage door - open your eyes - you wanking hares - get the shit and go away

Bring it back and store it as you found it -

I will find you and it will be a hash crime if you fail to be Good - punishment will be that you will be made the EM or the Beer Meister for life

Happy Haring