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Hashes Today

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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Sunday, January 21, 2018 2:00pm
COTU as if there was anywhere else
Hare(s): Pop Rocks, Runs Like the Winded & Thumbs up Bumbs up
Address: Hidden Canyon Community Park
2685 Vancouver St, Carlsbad, CA 92010
Directions: Take The 5 to Carlsbad Village Dr and drive East. Then turn left on Concord St., then turn left on Vancouver St. and look for parking. The park is on the left.
Map Link:
Run Fee: $7
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
You don't have to worry about cops breaking up our fun! The beer will be flowing late and the food will be amazing. We will have meat and plenty of delicious (rabbit food) vegetarian dishes by GrassyAss.

Make sure to bring a Head Lamp!

Hashes Tomorrow

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La Jolla
La Jolla Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, January 22, 2018 6:00pm
#2072 We Made The Wall Too Low
Hare(s): Pablo Piscobar
Address: Cuvier Park 590 Coast Blvd S, La Jolla, CA 92037
Directions: Drive west toward the big blue thing. Stop if your feet are getting wet.
Map Link:
Run Fee: $8 Guest Donation
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
We're going to make La Jolla Young again, maybe if by kicking and screaming. Pablo Piscobar is cumming out to hare for us, which lowers the average age a few points. I'ts also just means another chance to snare him by the toe, assuming ICE doesn't get him first.

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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, January 22, 2018 6:30pm
Hung Up The Spurs Hash (aka Ex-GM Extravaganza)
Hare(s): Larrikins Ex-GMs
Address: Longhorn Bar & Grill
6519 Mission Gorge Rd
San Diego, CA 92120
Map Link:
Run Fee: $3
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: No
Howdy buckaroos. We're once again dragging all the old Larrikin GMs out of retirement for one night only. These cowboys and cowgirls might have hung up the spurs but they can still wrangle a trail and a few down downs with the best of 'em. We promise that trail will be just as shitty and circle as unfunny as you remember. We'll be ending at the infamous John Wayne room. Wet your whistle on trail with at least four beerchecks. Trail is not dog-friendly nor is the bar. Bring a headlamp and a change of boots. Cowboy hats and getups encouraged. Giddy up!

Hashes Later This Week

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Green Flash
Green Flash Hash  The fourth Tuesday of every month.   Tuesday, January 23, 2018 6:15pm
Run #78
Hare(s): Private Tofu
Address: Green Flash Brewery
Directions: Corner of Mira Mesa Blvd and Flanders Drive
Thomas Bros: 1208 H4
Run Fee: $8
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Private Tofu volunteered; funny how that happens after a couple of beers. again the fabulous Dogfish is cooking. it's still dark so bring a flashlight. remember, no chairs and dogs on leashes. Happy New Year!

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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Friday, January 26, 2018 6:30pm
Septuagenarian GILF Run
Hare(s): D-Cup
Address: 2227 Commonwealth Ave
Directions: I-805 South to University, Left on Boundary, Right at Maple/Commonwealth and continue south crossing Juniper to run start (2227 Commonwealth Ave).

Or Googlez it.
Run Fee: 9
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Trail Only
Septuagenarian GILF Run

This Friday, some masochistic Septuagenarian GILF is haring trail on her Birthday. Do we sing the "You're stupid" song or the "You're old" song?

It will be about a 4 mile A-A trail starting and ending at the Nymphomous Casa de D-Cup.

Cum on down to South Park for a little GILFy pleasure (and not at Iron Rules this time) and/or the hash. Dogs are fine for trail, but please no hellhounds at the on-in since this isn't a Septuagenarian Beastiality Run (I think North County hosts that run).

Trail starts at the usual time (6:30PM I think) and will have a beer check (I'm pretty sure) and someone will be preparing food (dunno details) -- amended notes to follow.

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Intergalactic Hash    Saturday, January 27, 2018 6:30pm
Slab City Talent Show Campout 2018
Hare(s): Dr.Dive and various other SoCal hashers
Address: East Jesus. East Jesus Rd, Niland, CA 92257
Directions: Drive to East Jesus. When you get to the fork in the road stay to the right where you see the gate and stop sign. Tell the staff you're with our group and they will let you in. We are down the end by the 30ft tall steel man. It's considered a rite of passage to get your car stuck in the sand when you arrive.
Map Link:
Run Fee: $40 This fee covers $10 per person donation to East Jesus, $5 per person donation to The Range, $250 for porta-potties, $350 for firewood, plus various "surprises" and other things to keep you entertained.
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Welcome to Slab City, the last free place on Earth!
This year we'll once again be camping at East Jesus, an art residency and museum located in Slab City.
There will be the annual Slab City Talent Show at The Range on Saturday starting at noon and we'll be visiting at various times during the day and night. You're welcome to participate in the show by signing up at The Range.
There will be hash trails around Slab City during the day to familiarize you with the area.
There will be road trips to enjoy the beauty of the Salton Sea area, where paradise meets the apocalypse.
There is a clothing optional shooting range near our camp, so bring your guns and take off your clothes! Shooters must be sober and guns must be unloaded while in camp.
There will be rocket launches, sky lanterns, redneck soccer. We might even have a car-becue.
There will be a big campfire and campfire shenanigans. Bring your fire toys, musical instruments, and anything else you want.
Remember "Safety Third". Try not to kill your friends. Any damage you cause to yourself or another person or property is your own responsibility.
Here are some maps to familiarize you with the area.

Things to bring:
* Camping gear and everything you need to survive in a primitive camping situation. Slab City has no utilities such as electricity or water. The nearest shops are in the town of NIland, three miles away, and they close at 6pm. Porta potties will be provided as part of your event fee. There is plenty of space for RVs and trailers at our campsite.
* Your talent
* Guns & ammo
* Rockets, drones, sky lanterns, etc.
* Musical instruments
* Hoops, poi, firestaff, fire toys, etc.
* DONATIONS of unwanted PAINT, CARPET, ART, ART MATERIALS, or FURNITURE. East Jesus can use them. Salvation Mountain is always looking for colorful paints as well.

Early arrivals at East Jesus. We will be camping by the giant steel "Uberman of Gigsville" and clothing optional shooting range out the back. Firewood and porta-potties arrive.
Morning rocket launches. Late arrivals.
Hash trail to Salvation Muontain and other points of interest in Slab City
Talent show starts at noon at The Range
4:00pm drive to Salton Sea to see ruins, mud volcanoes, and sunset on the Salton Sea.
Return to Slab City for dinner
Talent Show
Campfire Shenanigans at camp with fire toys, live music perhaps, and other sillyness
Morning rocket launches
Hangover hash trail
Return to camp and pack up
In the afternoon you are free to explore. Use the maps. There will be different groups going to different areas that you can join.
Finally, there will be an optional stop at Alpine Beer Company on the way back to San Diego.

And now.... Time for Pie

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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Sunday, January 28, 2018 10:00am
Brunch at the High Erection House!
Hare(s): High Beams & Friends
Address: 4846 35th Street
San Diego, CA 92116
Directions: Off of 35th Street and Adams Ave smack in the middle, between I-805 & I-15
Run Fee: $9
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Join us at the High Erection House for a lovely brunch and a see the sights around Normal Heights! It is not often we are free on a Sunday, but lo and behold we found a free weekend and what better way to spend a Sunday morning that leading a trail for the lovely hashers of San Diego. So put on your Sunday best and lets see what we can find in our pretty little neighborhood.

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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Sunday, January 28, 2018 2:00pm
Humpin Long Beach Extravaganza
Hare(s): CFR and Stick Shift
Address: Solana Beach Train Station
105 N Cedros Ave
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Directions: Check the Amtrak website & get yourself to a train station.
Run Fee: $7
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
You know what's better than 1 kennel's day of hashing? Two kennels fuckin' shit up together! LBH3 is going out of the box to join forces with our sister kennel Humpin H3! Humpin' will meet us for our 10 am trail in San Juan Capistrano. We will have a short circle and we will take our drunk selves on the 1:49 PM Amtrak down to attend Humpin's trail starting at the Solana Beach Train station. Humpin trail will start at 3 PM, Humpin' time, as always.

They are separate trails so there are separate run fees. Twice the beer, twice munchies, and twice the debauchery!

LBH3- $5 fee and 10 AM start off Paseo Adelanto, north of River Street
Hares: Sin D Bare and Whaleboner

Humpin' $7 fee and 3PM start at Solana Beach Transit Center
Hare: C Fuck Run and Stick Shift

Round trip Amtrak tickets can be purchased for $34
-To make it to the LBH3 runstart on time, you need to take train 1567 Pacific Surfliner, which departs Old Town at 8:12AM.
-Take train 744 Pacific Surfliner, departs San Juan Capistrano at 1:49PM as the departure time to Solana Beach

If 8:12AM seems way too early for you, you can take the train the night befofe:
Unofficial Hash Hotel possibility: Best Western Capistrano Inn

Hashes Later This Month

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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Friday, February 2, 2018 6:30pm
Where is the Groundhog???
Hare(s): Sheep Sex, 99, Kissy Face & Bimbo by Day
Address: 4040 Cortez Way , Spring Valley, CA
Directions: East County....there are multiple ways to get here, so plug in the address for directions:-)
Run Fee: $9.00
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
There will be beer, food, trail, beer check, cold water pool, hot water jacuzzi, and maybe a groundhog!!

More info will be posted later!

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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Sunday, February 4, 2018 12:00pm
Humpin SuperBowl Party
Hare(s): Stick Shift, Snuffle Up My Ass & Ass Transit
Address: 3570 Donna Dr
Carslbad, CA 92008
The Mother F*ckin' COTU betches!
Directions: Go North, not quite to Canada, but close. You'll feel the extra gravitational pull from the CENTER. OF. THE. F*CKING. UNIVERSE. Exit the freeway and follow your GPS directions.
Run Fee: $10
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: No

Come along for a fun-filled, sure-to-be shiggalicious, you-might-die trail lead by none other than the infamous Stick Shift and Snuffle Up My Ass! Will they douche your canoe? Maybe not this time, but it is always a good idea to bring a change of shoes, and clothes, and underwear... The only thing the hares "promise" is to get you back to the ON IN before (or by) kick-off.
Hosted by the ever amazing and spectacular Ass Transit, who will be providing us with a delicous (most likely) pizza party!!
Bring your chairs, vessel and manners and enjoy an amazing trail, even more amazing food, and what's sure to be another disappointing game!

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