Drink it Down, Down
Down, Down, Down!

Intro to our Hash



Hash Schedule

All San Diego Area



What do we do? 
We meet up once a month on Saturdays around 2pm or – 3pm. Depending on the meeting point we may have a pre-lube gathering. There are 3 special events during the year, and we have a different time / location for the hash, that we post in advance on our Facebook group “Hash House Harriers Tijuana”: March for the Beer Fest Hash in Ensenada (Sunday), June for the Red Dress Run (Sunday), and July for campout (Saturday and Sunday).
Trail is lay before the Hash starts, so the hares can join the rest of the pack. We usually walk together and wait until all the hashers get to the Beer stops, so we can continue the trail as a group. The Hares use checkpointsBT's, and YBF's (called "hash marks") and sometimes well hidden spots of flour to throw off the pack, making the trail interesting. This is called "Hashing."

Where do we hash? 
The run starts are all over Tijuana, except for Beer Fest Hash at Ensenada and Campout at Rosarito or Ensenada.

How long are the trails?
 Depends on the Hares. They range from 5 - 7 kms. Tijuana has a lot of hills that gives us great trails and great views of the city. We have 2 or 3 beer checks during the trail, sometimes on the street or we may stop at local bars. Drinking on the street is not allowed in México, so be careful.

 Where do the trails end? 
At a bar or at a Hare´s house. The Hares determine the "On-In".

What happens at the On-In? 
We grab a beer, maybe some grub and have a roast that we call "Down-Downs." This is where we toast newcomers - called "virgins", welcome backs, visitors, birthdays, and many other misc. events. And we roast hashers for things heard on trail or stupid and funny things they've done recently. We provide a small beer to anyone that receives a toast/roast and before they drink, we sing them a "Down-Down" song.

Why hash with us? 
Hashing in Tj is always fun, not only you will be surrounded by your amigos south of the border, but you will also get to know the city in a unique way. Eat tacos and drink Mexican craft beer. Cum join us, before the wall goes up!! Don´t forget to bring a valid passport.

What does it cost? 
Just $3 dlls or $50 pesos - Which is used to buy the beer for beer checks and the Down-Down beer. Bring extra money for your own beer at the On In, On After.

When does it end?
 At the end of toast/roast, the GM's will say "May the Hash Go in Peace" and the Pack responds, "May the Hash Get a Piece!"