San Diego Area Run Start
Link to this Event  View Map TIJUANA Hash    Saturday, February 11, 2017 3:00pm
TJH3 #67: Larrikins invade TJH3 animal style
Hare(s): High Beams, Horsey, In n Out, Woody
Address: Friendship Park, behind the Bullring at Playas de Tijuana
Directions: If you are coming from the border, take a taxi, uber, or talk to the "Gringo nanny squad"
Map Link:
Run Fee: 3 dlls or $60 pesos
Pre-lube: 2:00 pm same place
Trail type: A to B
Dog friendly: Yes
Have you ever wanted to be a travel Hasher???
Well TJH3 and CLH3 are gonna make it easy for you. The GMs of both kennels (plus Woody, he's a lame former GM) have a trail down in Mexico.

It's in Playas (beach for you imports) and ends at In n Outs madres house.
Starting in friendship park, come make new friends who have the same old vices. For the folks who live north of the border, we will have a nanny service comprised of Larrikins who are TJH3 regulars that will help you get down to the run start safely, and back to the US. For the TJH3 pack, come laugh at the gringos who can barely hail a taxi, but drink like prohibition is coming back.

Trail will culminate in the worlds FIRST ANAL TACO MILE!!! (No jokes about anal tacos.)
We have a 1/4 mile (.403346 km) loop by the local favorite taco cart. Eat a taco, run a lap. If you puke, please tip the taco lady and apologize.

Remember, we all speak the same language when we are too drunk to form words.

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