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Half-Assed Hash  About once a month.   Wednesday, November 22, 2017 8:00pm
10th Completely Anal Pre-Turkey Pub Crawl
Hare(s): That which, by any other name, would still smell as sweet. And a droid.
Address: The Ould Sod, 3373 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116
Directions: Reach down into your pocket, avoid the genitalia (just this once, it won't kill you), pull out your iPhone and look it up yer damn self
Run Fee: FREE! (Mexico will pay for it)
Trail type: A to B
Dog friendly: No
On the first year of the Half-Assed Hash Pre-Turkey Pub Crawl, two Hashers set forth on a promise to hare a trail not easily forgotten. The pack was not led astray, and the trail was filled with merriment and delight the likes of which no mere mortal could withstand. Alas, the pack got too drunk to remember the brilliant occasion.

But all was not lost! The very next year the hares tried again, thwarting sobriety and virginity with each passing step. This time the collective memories of the inebriated Hashers were not to be lost, and the promise of an annual event ensued. On the fifth consecutive year, in commemoration for the endurance of such a fanciful Hash feat, patches were distributed to the masses. As sure as one can never underestimate the power of free shit at the Hash, the tale of the Pre-Turkey Pub Crawl was sealed in Hash Legend.

What glories and wonders await the pack as they embark on this TENTH celebration??
Lubrications, libations and dilations!
Loose women! Hard men! Questionable morals abound!
Long lost and far away Hashers resurfacing for drunken revelry!
And yeah, there will probably be more free shit, too.

Cum help smash records and challenge logic on this tenth anal-versary!

Oh, and make sure you have a sober way home. No one wants Johnny Law contacting next of kin this holiday season.

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