How to enter and edit run starts

Privacy Notice: When you interact with the run start calendar, we gather and record certain information about you, such as your IP address, your internet service provider, and your sexual orientation. Normally we are too busy drinking beer to even look at this stuff, but if you f*ck with the run start calendar, we will be able to figure out who you are. A lot of people (OK, hashers, not people) rely on this information. Please don't ruin their day.

How the run start process works

  • Hareraisers, click this. The rest of you, keep reading.
  • San Diego area hares and hareraisers should keep their runs up to date.
  • The last thing on the form is a box asking for your email address. When you fill this out, the calendar will email you directions on how to edit the run you just entered. Save these directions. If you lose them then only a hareraiser/GM will be able to update it.
  • Only hareraisers/GMs can delete run starts

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