To-Do List

This is a list of most of the items that will be changing at some point on this site.
If you have a good idea for this site, you can use the Suggestions page.
You can see what has already changed on the Change Log page.
Item Severity Amount of Work
Edit Email
Currently, the edit email is not always sent out when a user submits a new hash event. This appears to be due to the details in the event, as tests show that only certain hash events have this problem.
(550, 'This message was classified as SPAM and may not be delivered')
High Moderate
Re-write run start page
There are many, many, many issues with this page. First off, it was most likely written in the late 90s. The technology to submit data via GET instead of POST causes many problems. While this worked in the past, security updates and patches on the hosted server now cause many features and words to prevent this page from working correctly. It causes the dreaded Forbidden page.

This rewrite will use newer technology and design. It will have the user select the kennel first, then provide a more user-friendly, kennel-tailored page to enter the run start.
High Extremely High
Database migration
The site currently uses a static CSV file to store the hash run starts. After the run start re-write is done, the data methods to add, edit, delete, and list run starts will all be in a centralized place, and can easily be replaced by database driven methods once the database is designed and populated.
High Extremely High
Add cash only on in field
Certain kennels end at bars, and this option would be visible to them so that hashers would know ahead of time that they will need to bring cash to the on in, since they are an establishment that does not accept cards.
Medium-High Moderate-High
Ajax POST for Suggestions page
Instead of a GET request on the Suggestions page, post the form data using Ajax and create a more user-friendly interface. This will serve as a model for the run start entry page re-write.
Medium Done Moderate
Pre-bake pages with number parameter
The new run start entry page will allow the front page to be generated once after a hash is added, edited, or deleted. Creating a static file from the data ("baking") will mean that page load times and server loads will be decreased. This code already exists, but can be expanded to handle many different numbers of run starts (e.g., 10 for th emain page, and 1000+ for the full listing page.
Medium Moderate
Kennel marks page
A simple page that illustrates the different trail markings that each kennel uses
Low-Medium Moderate
Dynamics events in right column
The events in the right-hand column are currently hard-coded. These can be changed to either be shown via client-side script, or server-side code from a database. This will allow events to automatically disappear after they have passed.
Low-Medium Moderate
Code maintenance that will ensure that code works the way that it should, and that no regressions occur. Low-Medium Moderate-High
Mobile site
Create a mobile site that can easily be used on phones. It should be as feature-rich as possible, but very easy to use with smaller screens and on the fly.
Low-Medium High
Add/expand ability to sync events to phone
Be able to have hash events appear on a person's phone calendar
Low Moderate
jQuery Spell Checker
Add spell checking to the run start entry page. Might not be needed, since drunken people not knowing how to spell is part of the charm of hashing.
Low Moderate
Create a subdomain (e.g., that serves up static files such as images and scripts. Since browsers can only download so many resources from one domain, this would allow assets to be downloaded faster. Low Moderate
More accurate Thomas Brothers
The current Thomas Brothers calculation was taken from the existing PHP page, and is not 100% fully accurate. It is very hard to get these to be accurate, as the Thomas Brothers guide has different grids per page, and cannot be calculated reliably.
Low Moderate-High
Handle Unicode characters
Python does not handle Unicode well, and the site needs to be updated to handle Unicode characters in run start entries.
Low High
Google Calendar API Integration
On hare calendar page, add kennels to calendar dynamically using client-side scripting instead of a long URL. Optionally, allow the user to show and hide each calendar.
Low High-Extremely High
Lost and Found directory
Might be useful, but a ton of work for little to moderate return.
Low Extremely High

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