Contacts - who to talk to when you find something wrong.

To update this information contact the on-geeks or the webmaster

Run starts

Run starts are either entered by the Hares or the Hare-Raisers.
If you have a question about a run-start, contact the appropriate Hare-Raiser or the GM.

General Contacts

Method Information
Email Webmaster: webmaster -at- sdh3 -dot- com
Code monkey: throwsupstaysup -at- sdh3 -dot- com
Facebook SDH3 has a public page on the book of faces.

Kennel Contacts

Hash Hare-raiser GM(s) Turnover
Full Moon (?) Fat Basque Turd / Butt Hurt / Glowworm -at- (?) Butt Hurt and Stick Shift (?)
Half-Assed Hash (?) High Beams (?) COP and Anal Rose The February hash
Hare of the Dog N/A (?) Double Bag It Who knows
Humpin (?) High Beams (?) Runs Like the Winded Humpin campout, June/July
Receipts can be sent to HumpinHashCash -at- gmail -dot- com for reimbursement.
Intergalactic N/A Snuff the Magic Blumpkin Pretty much never
Iron Rule Rickashaw Rooster Cockburn and Manhandler I think it's in the spring
La Jolla Caro-lion Rotating DDMs Hash Bash, September
Larrikins Battle Twats and Fingerbang (???) Campout, August/September
Mission Harriettes Pith Me (?) Head Coach June/Late Summer
North County (?) Dragon Dick Tic Tac and Black Cock Down North County Anniversary, September
Pickup Heaven's Gate (HeavensGate -at- No GM For Info: Contact the Hare-raiser. January 19, 2038
Pub Hash (?) (?) Second Tuesday in September
Really South Orange Co. Pickup Captain Jerk No GM For Info: Contact the Hare-raiser. Why would there be one?
San Diego HighBeamsclh3(at) or DerrikHarp(at) Anal Rose and Ginger Snatch AGM, February
San Diego Family Hash Four on the Floor and My Eyes Are Up Here ??? ???
Stumblefoot (Accepting Applications) Weird Al Spankabitch After 5 beers...
Volleyball Hash N/A Suck My Rocket Cock End of season, September

Website Stuff

If you are a webmaster of a sub site on the server,
contact the webmaster (webmaster -at- sdh3 -dot- com) for access

If you find problems with the main website (such as broken links), please contact the webmaster (webmaster -at- sdh3 -dot- com). Each sub site for each particular hash is maintained by its own webmaster. Look for their contact information on that site.

Please do not contact the webmaster about run start or event questions, or about a particular hash's subsite.

If you need your run edited, but deleted the link, or lost it, or didn't enter your email address so the software did not mail you a link please contact your hare raiser.

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