San Diego Area Run Start
 Show Map Get A Life Week Fried Day Hash    Friday, August 17, 2007 6:30pm
Spectacular, Stupendous, Well, lots of beer and food at least
Hare(s): Slow Poke, Impy, EZ out, Dogfish
Location: Just east of Belmont Park... in the parking lot
Directions: See San Diego? See about the middle? See the roller coaster? Are you and your car wet? You've gone too far west...
Thomas Bros: 1267 A3
Run Fee: Ten Dollars and worth every ding dang penny
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Let's see... NO HTML tags! Okay.. well, continuing in the mighty fine tradition of the GALW and great times, Slow "I haven't learned not to have the hash over" Poke is hosting once again a fab do at his MB pad... Impotent "it's just a name okay" Implement's hoping for novel trail (yeah, right), EZ "What am I doing here after all these beers?" Out is shopping up a storm... And Dog "I won't stop cooking till you're all at least as fat as I am" Fish will be laying out the ever so delightful "asst'd grilled meats"... plus some twigs and such for those who don't indulge. Come one, come all, just cum... you will enjoy yourself... and others will enjoy you.

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