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Intergalactic Hash    Sunday, November 4, 2007 11:00am
Beermile Fall Open
Hare(s): baby huey
Location: Mission Bay High School Track - PB
Directions: Park in lot on Lee Street South of Grand Ave
Thomas Bros: 1248 C6
Run Fee: Free...but BYOB. at least 4
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)

Time to start training. The answer to the often asked "Hey Huey, when's the next beermile", can now be answered. It's Sunday November 4th at 11am. Featuring a new location (Mission Bay HS Track) and a new twist for all the whiny-assed PBR haters. More on that in a minute.

First, in case you don't know what a beermile is, see and then check out the award winning (3 out of 5 stars!) Youtube video of the first Intergalactic beermile at />
For previous IGH3 Beermiles, everyone drank the same beer - ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon from the can. This resulted in more work for the organizers and alot of crying and complaining by some competitors about how much more ass they could have kicked were it not for the evil cold PBR. Problem solved. This beermile will be BYOB, as long as the beer is compliant with the official Rules. Bottle or can, freezing cold or boiling hot, hoppy, skunky, bitter, yellow, brown, or doesn't matter. I'll stick to the PBR.
A little more about beer selection. You should really check out the "rules" at, but in short:

1) you must drink beer (and, yes, FHJ, we'll call the gluten free stuff beer). No alcopops (i.e. smirnoff ice, mikes hard lemonade, etc.)
2) it must be at least 5% alcohol by volume (which is almost all non-light beers sold in CA)
3) You need to drink it from the container you bought it in - bottle or can
4) must be 12oz
5) no large mouth bottles or cans
6) you can not open the first beer until time starts
7) on subsequent laps, you can have someone hand you your beer, but you must open it yourself.
8) you must drink the entire beer before leaving the transition area. and you need to drink the whole thing. and no, you can't pour the foam on your head. Penalty for an unfinished beer will be a DQ
9) if you puke you must run an extra lap at the end.

That may seem like a lot of rules, but this event is a very good time. ask anyone who has done it before. this is an exhibition, not a competition. please, no wagering.

The beermile will run in heats of 5 or 6 at a time. Previously, heats were determined by random drawing, but this time we may do a little more seeding to keep the heats interesting.

If you are planning on drinking bottled beer, you should probably bring your own opener.

Also, even if you don't want to run the actual beermile this event is fun to watch, so come one out. we need timers, beer hander offers, puke monitors, and hecklers. Bring the whole family.

more details to follow.

-baby huey

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