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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Sunday, February 3, 2008 12:00pm
Super, Super, Superbowl day of balls ( yes, ir's sprinking, shut the eff up and get yer ars out here )
Hare(s): Ice Boxxx & Slippery Log
Location: Parking lot @ That Pizza Place in Carlsbad/Oceanside (yes, it really is called THAT PIZZA PLACE)
Directions: Ext highway 78 at El Camino Real, head south, you'll go through a few stop lights then make a left at Marron Rd, turn left into the first shopping center, go past Boston Market, Fart & Smile, a gym for 'ladies' only among other businesses. THAT PIZZA PACE is right by Supercuts towards the end of the shopping center. Look for hashers
Thomas Bros: 1106 G3
Run Fee: $5 - See start below for extra $5 contribution
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Ice Boxx and Slippery Log are so kind they threw together a last minute run for you American Superbowl fanatics. No, the Chargers didn't make it, but we sure know BORT is one happy MOFO! The trail will be extremely long and grueling without any checks so make sure you come, cum, come!

***ANOTHER NOTE- Down-downs will be shorter than, usual, uh Weed & ahem Captain.Afterparty at Chick Clit and Royal Flush's abode. (SEE R*N START BELOW) To avoid a DUI, bring a sleeping bag or blankie and a partner to snuggle. If you have some half drank bottles of booze, or full ones, contribute to ours that are not so fond of da beer. Chick Clit will be using some old bartending skills for the classy-ass drinks. BBQ'ing will commence as well. Bring any food you want, but libations are a must.
Note- No shoes, dirty feets or stinky socks in the house. Yours truly...

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