San Diego Area Run Start
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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Sunday, June 1, 2008 1:00pm
RDR weekend Humpin (aka F the Rock&Roll for screwing with our roads)
Hare(s): C Fuck Run and A.S.S.S.
Location: Mornea/Linde Vista Trolley stop (please see notes for a possible change)
Directions: From the I-8, exit Taylor St (hotel circle if you are coming from the 8west). Turn right (towards OldTown) onto Taylor street. Turn Right on Morena Blvd, (DO NOT take the Morena exit off the I-8, it will be closed). Turn Right onto Linda Vista. Turn Right onto Napa. Turn right into the shopping center/trolley center. Hunt like a shark for parking. Or if you were at the morning SDH3 run, get on the Old Town Trolley and go one exit to the start. Since there are a couple road closures - it's going to be all F'ed up! The hares decided it would be a good idea to read up on the effected road closures.
Thomas Bros: 1268 F3
Run Fee: $5 + money for the trolley
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
So, to keep the run near the morning SDH3 run and somewhat near the RDR hash hotel, the Humpin decided (aka -politely asked) to hold their run in the San Diego area.

So come out for a once in a lifetime extravaganza. Because our glorious GM decided to do one of those Mara...on thinga'ma'giggies - can we say FRB!!

Due to that prior said M-thing, expect A LOT of road closures (R-tard SDH3 hares could have picked a better location and are in a drunken lala-land thinking this is a good idea for a runstart - parking for your average hashers is going to be a NIGHTMARE, just an FYI). Now the R&R website says the roads near the runstart will be open at 12PM, they might not! If the run start is not accessible by 12:45PM (aka Morena Blvd is still closed because some slow ass fat chick can't waddle herself 20-something FN miles in 7 hours), then the runstart will be moved to a the park on the corner of Taylor st and Presidio (you passed this park right before turning onto Morena, but parking is a bitch becuase of all the fat people running that M-thing).
Also ask yourself, why are people running marathons that walk the entire FN thing - honestly, can't you do that on your own time and donate the money to some childhoold obesity fund.
The hares think this is a bad idea, but hey we can make anything worse. We do promise a kick ass trail, getting there is your own FN problem, but once you make it to the run start expect to be blown away - more jello shots, yummy beer, delicious blow jobs, more yummy beer - Mmmm Beer!

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