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Intergalactic Hash    Friday, January 16, 2009 12:00pm
Slab City Annual Talent Show/Campout
Hare(s): Sheep & Dr. Dive
Location: NILAND
Directions: See link above
Thomas Bros: 411 C7
Run Fee: Nothing, just bring you own everything!
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)

Talent show starts at 1pm.

We'll be camped just off the main road, it's a big open area immediately on your right once you see the Slab City Welcome sign.

If you are arriving at night, we'll leave the light on for you... that would be a blue and/or red flashing light. The Boner Inn will have a Hash Flag flying.

Bring whatever you plan to eat and drink, this is going to be a do your own thing kinda weekend, however, for Saturday nights din din, let's do a POTLUCK so bring a dish to share. There will be a gas cooker available and a couple of tables to put the food on. PLEASE bring your dishes, utensils, etc for your food, and you can never bring too much FIREWOOD.

If you are coming out, please give Sheep a call or email so we’ll know how big of an area to claim.

Sheep's cell phone number is 619-246-5689, email;

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