San Diego Area Run Start
 Show Map Fundraiser Hash    Saturday, May 30, 2009 2:00pm
Relay For Life "Survivor Run"
Hare(s): See below
Location: Parking lot across the street from Belmont Park in Mission Beach , 3146 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA‎
Directions: 5 Fwy-Sea World Dr exit or 8 Fwy-W Mission Bay Dr exit, have fun in the clover loops but end up on W Mission Bay Dr headed towards the big blue thing. Turn Left/South on Mission Blvd, parking lot is on immediate left..
Thomas Bros: 1267 J3
Run Fee: $15
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
See other runstart for more run details.

This fundraiser run is being held in Honor, Support, and Celebration of our Fellow Hashers:

SlowPoke, Who, PainintheBoner, Hemorrhoid, CrimsonTool, BabyHuey, Spank, DorkaSaurus, CaptainZero, MurphyBrown, PatMyAss, FreehandJob, You'reanAxle, WouldntEye, Thingathong, StopCock, FungusAmungus, WineyVaginey, Hindlick, Peddlefile, AssTransit

and in Memory of:
LooseJoint, PussyBlow, Stroke, MaryTylerWhore, RubberMaiden, 2thFairy, Zippy

Forward any names you would like added to this list to dfluffr@ yahoo
please attend if able the Fri, May 29th Hash for Wouldn't Eye. Thank You

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