San Diego Area Run Start
 Show Map Get a Life Week Day 5 Humpin and HOTD Ride n Tie Hash    Sunday, August 9, 2009 12:00pm
Hare(s): Cocky Mountain Snowball, Down Set Dyke, Captain Jerk, Pith Me and Doktor Dive
Location: Sabre Springs Neighborhood Park, Poway
Directions: From I-15 exit Poway Rd (yes if you go the other way its the same exit as Rancho Penesquitos, sheesh people), Go east (that's away from the big blue wet thing out there) turn left on Sabre Springs parkway, go to the second light and take a right up the hill into parking lot.
Thomas Bros: 1189 H5
Run Fee: $8 dolla to make ya holla, 5 beer/specialty drink checks and fabulous NOOKIE's COOKIES!
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Humpin and Hare of the Dog hashes are teaming up once again for a Ride Me Tie Me event...DUDE WTF is a Ride Me, Tie Me event? It's *not* a combination of a rodeo and surplus clothing from the Dominatrix r*n. It's *not* a bike trip to Griffin Manor. It's more like "you got your bike on my r*nning trail," or "you got your shiggy on my bike." On SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY, bring a bike (or borrow a bike, or SHOW UP WITHOUT A BIKE AND WE'll PAIR YOU WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS ONE) if you have two bikes bring them and help out a hasher who has yet to experience shiggy riding.
Said Bike Should NOT, repeat for effect, SHOULD NOT be a fancy skinny tired, carbon framed, made for speed, and geeks who eat tofu and count carbs because they're going to PR (set a personal record) this R*cing SHOULD be a bike with fat tires, and uncurled handlebars made to take a fall if need be. Ideally there will be two hashers to a bike, but please don't feel you can't come without a bike...we will pair you with a hasher who has one. At the start you and your battle buddy (the other person who will be riding the bike you will also be riding) will take off, one hasher on the bike, one hasher on will both make your way to the beer/beverage check where you will switch the bike between you...repeat this 4 more times throughout the r*n and you will have finished a Ride Me, Tie Me Event! If you are a FRB and would like you would like a SUPER EAGLE r*n then you can r*n the whole's recommended to ride part of it, but it's a free country hash so do as you must! Bring a helmet cause we care about you! Trail is A to A

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