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Volleyball Hash  Thursday evenings during the summer.   Thursday, October 8, 2009 4:00pm
Another week of volleyball; why not?
Hare(s): No Beer, I'm Queer; and Depreciating Asset
Location: Fanual Park, Pacific Beach
Run Fee: $2.00 with $10 maximum for the season
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Thursday nights will be ending soon. We will continue to play as long as people show up or we get bored.

We are now charging $2 to cover the repair and replacement of volleyball equipment. Donít be cheap; youíve played volleyball all year for free.

We have decided to play volleyball on Saturdays around noon. We will post a run start once a date and location has been decided. Cuntal Floss is working on it.

Remember: Click on the above link and join the Yahoo! group so you can enjoy the Winter Rules Volleyball Hash and our Weekend volleyball reminders!!

The hares will provide the volleyball equipment and you are responsible for your own everything. Weíll meet up at a bar/restaurant following dusk. The location will be announced each week until we settle on a permanent place. Email your suggestions.

Remember: itís illegal to drink, smoke and have glass on the beach.

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