San Diego Area Run Start
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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, October 19, 2009 6:30pm
The Torture Run
Hare(s): Ass Rammer & The Sore Ass (ass sandwich!)
Location: Hennessey's Tavern, PB
Directions: 5 to Grand, all the way to the end. Right on Mission, go a few blocks and find parking
Run Fee: $2
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Wax had to bail, so the run quality has slipped from a Wax trail to an Ass Rammer trail. Be prepared to suffer with each step, as there will likely be broken glass, beds of nails, and hot lava on trail to give you that authentic experience. Sore Ass will be there to provide some reprieve from your pain, and then it will be on to the ending to drink your pain away to the $2 beer/wine/mix drink/shot u-call-its.

In keeping with the torture theme, torture us all by dressing up in a costume you've worn before. If you want, one you'd like to trade with someone else. Charger game will be on at the bar if you want to do both.

Trail will be A-A' and most likely dog friendly. Definitely an Eagle, possibly a Turkey. You've been warned.

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