San Diego Area Run Start
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Half-Assed Hash  About once a month.   Friday, January 8, 2010 12:00pm
A Sprint To The Beer
Hare(s): Captain Jerk and Some of Your Other Favorite Current and Former HAH3 Mgmt
Location: Oceanside Transit Station, S. Tremont & Michigan, O-siiiiide
Run Fee: TBD. But we know you'll need $5 for an all-day Sprinter pass + drink stop dollas
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Whaddya get when you pour a bunch of drunks, degenerates, and sorta-r*nners into a light rail system that has several stops within hurling distance of establishments that make and/or serve not-light beer?

I don't know either. But I do know it will require half a mind and be fully half-assed.

Details to follow.

You've been warned.

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