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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Sunday, October 24, 2010 2:00pm
Pre-Halloweenie R*n
Hare(s): Hasher With No Name, Goes Both Ways, Wild Nobb Gobbler
Location: Rancho Bernardo
Directions: From Hwy 15, take the Camino Del Norte exit heading West, towards the Big Blue Thing. Drive for 8902 feet, then turn right onto Camino San Bernardo heading North, towards the Big White Thing. Drive for 1267 feet, then turn right onto Thornmint Rd heading East, towards the Other Big Blue Thing. Drive for 493 feet, then turn left onto Thornmint Ct. Drive to the end of the bal-de-sac, and LFH.
Thomas Bros: 1169 G3
Run Fee: 6 dolla
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
At long last, the Humpin' Hares have found trail that is 100% virgin (calm down, Biscuit, just calm down). Cum join us for a pleasurable afternoon in the shiggy; there may even be some non-shiggy and some Brazilian. This is the Sunday Sunday Sunday before Halloween, so wear your most non-costume r*nning clothes. If there are enough participants, there may even be a non-contest to decide the non-winner for the most ordinary outfit. Let's all out-do the non-theme r*n from last week! There will be plenty of non-water checks to quench your thirst on this non-summer day.

Also, we will be on non-Humpin' Time, so Hares Away will be at 2:15 sharp.

Note: since we have already scouted the trail, it is not technically virgin any more, so you guys will have to settle for sloppy seconds.

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