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Hare of the Dog
Hare of the Dog Hash    Saturday, November 6, 2010 1:00pm
Freud's 49th Birthday Ride in Funky IB
Hare(s): Freudienne Slut
Location: Otay Lakes Regional Park
Directions: I-5 south, exit Palm Ave, turn right/West, go 1 block, turn right on Saturn Blvd, go 2 blocks to end.
Thomas Bros: 1330 A6
Run Fee: Free- it's on me!
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Check out the new dirt and gravel Otay Lakes Regional Bike Trail, plus an unofficial extension they haven't developed yet. Technically easy and fun, with fishing ponds, local kids, tagged feeway underpasses, homeless dudes, rabbits, and even a baby mountain lion (just last week!). Group ride b/c it'd be too long if you searched for marks... Beer and snacks at the end. Bring a warm jacket for after. Pump up your tires and fix them now, or Saturday morning- not at the ride. Bring a large water bottle. Park 1:00, pack away about 20 minutes later. 100 minutes of easy-paced riding.

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