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InterGalactic Hash    Saturday, December 4, 2010 2:00pm
EPIC Hash Prelewd to Doktor Dive’s 40th Birthday Bash
Hare(s): Doktor Dive
Location: Barrett Junction Cafe, corner of Hwy 94 and Barrett Lake Rd, Dulzura, CA
Directions: Go east on the 94 out past Spring Valley and take a right on Campo Rd to continue on the 94 east. After that turn, continue 19 miles, past Jamul and Dulzura. On your left will be the Barrett Junction Cafe, park there. ALLOW AN HOUR TO DRIVE FROM SAN DIEGO, MORE IF COMING FROM UP NORTH.
Thomas Bros: 429 K10
Run Fee: Bring cash or cards for the On-In
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Doktor Dive is having a BIG birthday and would like you to attend. This hash prelewd to the party caters to the exercise- and adventure-obsessed with a significant trail, hills, virgin shiggy, great views over Cottonwood Creek, and the last chance to traverse the tunnels of the Dulzura aquaduct before it goes back into service on December 7th. As with any Dive trail, a flashlight and shitty shoes are essential tools for surviving the ordeal. Bring a change of shoes etc for the On-In, which will be at the Barrett Junction Café. They have a full bar and their famous fried fish.

For those not completely besotted with the idea of doing trail, the party will be held at UPW's house at 11215 Forestview Ln in Scripps Ranch starting at 8pm with free beer, booze and nibbles. The theme of the party is ABC - Anything But Clothes. Wear your bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, glad wrap, whatever! Please no full nudity (except in the jacuzzi, or until we get really drunk, whichever comes first).

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