San Diego Area Run Start
 Show Map El Lay Metro Hash    Saturday, June 4, 2011 1:00pm
ReRunning of the Bullshit
Hare(s): Damian the AntiChrist, Detachable Penis, Hard in the Saddle, Sin D Bear, mystery harriettes!
Location: Willow Blue Line Station Parking Garage Roof, Long Bitch
Directions: See
Thomas Bros: 795 D3
Run Fee: $9.99 in advance (or if visiting from outside LA/Orange Cunties), $19.99 day of
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
* We swore we’d never do another – but we lied! MTA has f’d up getting its new “Metro” Line done in time for the 2011 Metro Hash, so we’re rerunning the bullshit, this time in Long Bitch!

* Five separate runnings, 6 hours of mirth and merriment, a ride on the Blue Line, and the thrill of the chase will surely produce an adventure that you’ll never remember!

* Hash cash gets you prelube beer, 5 drink checks on trail, a metro token, munchies, and down downs!

* Take as much of a "head" start as you want/dare on each of five walker and runner trails. The bulls (hares) will pursue you along each, tagging (gently) anyone in the pack we catch and "gore".

* We’ll have “appropriately-themed” drink checks, including the wildly popular "Blood and Sand" (the signature drink of the world-famous Tiki Ti Bar on Sunset)!

* The locals you’ll meet may (ahem!) "strongly identify with this event's theme", leading to those "little slices of contemporary urban life" that all veteran Metro hashers (sort of) remember.

* Yup, another all-day piss-up, with a metro ride included, to neighborhoods that you wouldn't otherwise dream of running through, let alone in costume - but you’ll be with the hash!

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