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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Sunday, June 19, 2011 12:00pm
Father's Day/Hangover Helper Run
Hare(s): Unglorious Basterd
Location: Mt Etna Neighborhood Park
Directions: From Hash Hotel: head east on Broadway, left (or north) at 11th Ave., turns into highway 163, take the 163 north, take the 163 to the 805 north and exit Balboa Ave., head west on Balboa Ave, turn right onto Genesse Ave (north), turn left on Mt Etna Drive, Mt Etna Neighborhood Park is 3 blocks down on the left
Run Fee: $6 dollars
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
The Run Start has been changed because we live in city that is stuck in 1920's Prohibition mentality. NEW START is MT ETNA NEIGHBORHOOD PARK. see directions above.

OK, so you came out for RDR and had a great time ( think oooor at least what you can remember about it), you woke up next to somebody who you can only adequately describe as Chewbaca's retarded sibling, but now that's all over and you are REALLY hungover. What do you do?...

Go to Humpin's Father's Day Hangover Helper Run obviously. What better way to get over that wicked headache than by numbing it with more alcohol (200 JELLO SHOTS GUARANTEED!!!).

***Sorry this run isn't going to do anything for that burning sensation you have when you pee, now. Think you need some doxycyclin for that.***

Not only is this run going to help you get over your hangover but you can also celebrate Father's Day in proud HUMPIN' tradition.

Uniform Of The Day is dress up like your favorite father. Some suggestions of Fathers I would like to see include (in order from good to evil):

Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch
Andy Griffith from te Andy Griffith Show
Father of the Bride - Steve Martin
Ricky Ricardo from I love Lucy
Father Time
Chuck Berry - Father of rock n roll
Jose Marti - Father of the Cuban Revolution
Karl Marx - Father of Communism
Vladimir Lenin - Father of Russia
Adolf Hitler - Father of Nazi Germany
or dress like a priest (AKA:"father")

...but if you don't like any of these awesome ideas then at least DON YOUR UGLIEST TIE.

Trail is completely bitch friendly (leashed). On the the shorter side so the Ol'Man doesn't die on trail. A to infinity and beyond. Hope to see you there.

PS- the Howdy Blow Me Challange continues.

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