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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Friday, August 19, 2011 4:00pm
California Larrikins Bible Camp 2011
Hare(s): Mis-management
Location: Wooded Hills Campground, San Diego, CA
Directions: You should ride the bus, but if you drive: East on the 8, north on Sunrise Hwy for 8.1 miles, left on Wooded Hill Road. Drive down this dirt road about 0.1 mile, and you will see the Wooded Hill RV loop sign on your right. For your GPS/Nav systems, try Wooded Hill Road and Sunrise Highway, or if that doesn't work, Morris Ranch Road and Sunrise Highway.
Run Fee: $100
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Bus leaves at 4:45, don't miss it!
Keep in mind parking in the lot is only up to 24 hours or else you risk a ticket - Parking can be found around the OTTS in residential areas surround the station.
If you haven't made arrangements with MM to drive your own car and you happen to miss the bus, you will need to purchase a parking pass of your own for the campsite and park in a lot about a 10 minute hike away from the campground.
Bus will return Sunday at approximately 2:30.

COST: Week of $100. Click on link above to pay regos online.

WHAT YOU GET: Sinfully delicious debauchery!

-Dinner Friday night
-All 3 meals (that you don't sleep through) Saturday
-Breakfast, lunch on Sunday
-3 trails
-Shot contest Tent Crawl
-Secret games/activites/contests
-Lots of beer and booze!
-Protection from inappropriate touching by Priests**
-Fellatio & Cunnilingus ***


** Actual Priests. We cannot protect you from imposters in costumes.
*** Fellatio & Cunnilingus are not guarenteed by Mismanagement. But they do wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

Here is our FAQ link with various details about the bus, how to get there, what to expect:

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