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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Sunday, October 30, 2011 10:00am
A day late, and a bottle short
Hare(s): Inuendo and mystery hares
Location: 2800 Savannah Court, Chula Vista, CA
Directions: map it using your favorite technology, nearby cross streets Proctor Valley Road and Duncan Ranch Road
Thomas Bros: 1311 H2
Run Fee: $9.00 ($1.00 for virgins)
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Near Hwy 125 (but the closest part of this highway is a toll road, so if you don't wish to pay the $3 toll, seek another route).

There will be a turkey and super-eagle trails. Both trails are dog friendly. The turkey trail is stroller doable (with some assistance) if you are an overachieving masochist with a sense of humor.

The eagle trail is a day late for those who love a North Country challenging Trail run. The lead hare can not vouch for the virginity of the trail, though he had never done it, nor recall others having done it. He can vouch for the fact that those who do the eagle trail will remember it for a lifetime (or until senility sets in), and will be reminded of it on average at least twice a year. If you are this kind of enthusiast, this will be the first thing you tell your friends about on Monday. It will be more adventure than any other race you can pay for in San Diego at less than a third of the price, and food and drink is provided with your run fee.

It is recommended that those who take on the rigormortish super eagle trail wear gators or over the calf compression socks, and wear your best traction trail shoes. Additionally please carry some water (maybe even a snack) with you either via fanny pack or hydration unit, as this trail is of a Beserk or Cahuilla Trail Super-eagle length, and the hare has no access to the touch the face of God portion to have a fluid check there. There will be a small beer / water check, but you will wish it had been a tad earlier on the trail...alas the hare is not manly enough.

Quotes expected after the trail:

"Have you always lacked common sense?" Sir Isaac

"Where were the tunnels?" Shoeless

"You had the audacity to use my trademark name of Beserk?" Fuzzy

"Based upon your run description, I don't believe that it is prudent that this child of a lesser god do the trail today, besides your horoscope suggests it will not be if you fck up, but when, and watch out for those forecast heart palpitations." Gleaming Gland

"I could see Russia" Sarah Palin

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