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San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Friday, June 15, 2012 6:30pm
Pagan Gods & Rituals, Virgin Sacrifice Hash
Hare(s): Fat Basque Turd & Haley's Cockit
Location: 5957 Poppy Street, La Mesa, CA 91942
Directions: 125 to Fletcher parkway/Amaya Dr., East 1 mile, Right on Lakeview Dr., follow around curve to Park Entrance on Poppy Dr., look for hashers.
Run Fee: $9, or $1 for first timers.
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Pagan was originally a term to describe any non-Abrahamic religion or worship. Today it has been adopted to specific neo-paganistic cults. Whatever your meaning, we don’t care. For this Hash, it’s a celebration of anything or entity you choose to worship. That would include the ‘G’ of hashing Himself, the Great A.S. Gisbert.

Break out your goatskin chaps, viking helmets, Virgin Connie Swail veil, or Neptunes’ gig. We’re gonna romp through the hills of east La Mesa and frolic in the shiggy. We’ll honor the setting sun, rising moon, and sacrifice virgins and beer to the great ‘G’. Come dressed as Roman or Greek gods, mythical creatures, cult deities, or any other hedonistic idol of your choice. Let’s see if we can totally freak out Fat Basque Turd’s neighbors as we deflower his virgin On-In!

There will be trial. It will likely be marked. There is distinct possibility we have new ‘virgin’ shiggy. Gaiters, or assless chaps suggested. Trail and On-In will be dog (and Duncan) Friendly. Unfriendly dogs will be sacrificed at the alter. On-in will have a swimming pool. Bring chairs or be left standing.

Oh, yes, bring a Virgin hasher to sacrifice!!

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