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Half-Assed Hash  About once a month.   Saturday, February 16, 2013 2:00pm
Kardashian Big Ass Half-Assed Hash Down At The Beach!
Hare(s): Serial Box
Location: Southeast corner of 9th Street & Stratford Ct.
Directions: Get on The 5 Freeway; exit Del Mar Heights Road; drive toward beach; turn north on Camino Del Mar; count streets; count to 9; turn left; drive west to Stratford Court!
Run Fee: $ 8.00
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
I was thinking ass, asses...hmmm, poor Kim, Khloe & Khlamydia Kardashian looks like the hash isn't giving them any love?! Not a photo, t-shirt or Facebook hash event to help them promote their ever blossoming bottoms and careers?! What is up with that?!

Come dressed up if you like - you could overdress like the Kardashians big sunglasses, tight bras, tight butt-bulging r*nning clingy stretchy shorts, or not...boy I would sure like to see what Howdy Do-Me could come up with I mean when he's all gussied up that hasher is hotter than most, right? How's this ~ to encourage dress up a nifty prize for the voted best themed dressed hasher! I love to give out prizes!

Meetup: 9th Street & Stratford Ct., Del Mar, southeast corner
Park: Street or Winston School parking lot
Hare Off: No later than 2:15pm (ish)
Trail: To be the mandatory not > 3 miles.
Beerchecks: At least at start.
What to Bring: ID, easier to ID body; drinking vessels, & chairs
Gorilla Beerchecks: Highly encouraged!
Food: Dogfish is busy with cooking for two hashes already - am planning on a vegetarians delight with grilled chicken breasts and bacon for meat-eaters.
Pool/Jacuzzi: Towel, suit (please)

On-On Serial Box

Any questions, problems or comments - please send emails to:

P.S. The video is a new idea for stopping speeders...perhaps some harriettes will deal with traffic in Del Mar in the same manner?!

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