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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Sunday, April 14, 2013 10:00am
2nd Anal Tax Day R*n
Hare(s): Ginger Snatch, In Cum Snatch, & Bimbo By Day
Location: Rancho Mission Canyon Park, 7200 Margerum Ave., San Diego, CA
Run Fee: $9 and a form 6969-FML ($1 for new cummers)
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Alright you procrastinators, Tax Day is looming on us. Cum out and blow what's left of your cash on a run fee, and blow what's left of your half-minds on some mimosas and beer, before the tax man takes that away too.

The Unlimited Partnership of Snatch, Snatch & Bimbo, will cum out to show us their assets and liabilities. The trio, who have been nose to the grindstone for the past few months, are cumming out to blow off their pent up energy. They are going to run us through the shredder on a trail that adds up to be just as confusing and convoluted as AMT, just as challenging as a 1040, and full of loopholes and dividends. There will be both a Schedule-E trail, and a 1098-T trail, with double-entry beer checks!

They will be rolling out the "cafeteria plan" to feed us, and are claiming to get you a great return on investment. Both trails and the On-in are dependent friendly, (those furry ones), but you will need the Turd Bird deduction to qualify for the stroller credit.

Bring a whistle, vessel, chairs, sunscreen, band-aids, Tech-nu, defibrillator, stretcher, phone number for 911, last will and testament, and considering the hares and what happened last year, a map, compass, GPS, taxi fare, airline reservations, and seeing eye dog to help you get back to the On-in.

From either 8 or 52, take Mission Gorge Road to Margerum Ave.. Park is two blocks on left.

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