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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, September 2, 2013 2:00pm
Dead Baby going into Labor Day Hash
Hare(s): Double Oh Douchebag, Midgets Make My Dick Look Bigger, Cock in The Hand, Me So Carney
Location: W 16th ave and S Redwood St Escondid, CA 92025
Directions: 15 North to Centre City Pkwy exit, Left on Felicita, right on Redwood to 16th ave. or 15 S to 9th ave, left at offframp onto 9th ave, right on Redwood to 16th ave
Google Maps: https://
Thomas Bros: 1234 A1
Run Fee: $6, $1 for Virgins
Trail type: A to A
On after: Pool Party at DOD's
Dog friendly: Yes
You're going into labor on September 2nd at 2pm! You must carry your baby safely on trail and deliver your baby unharmed to the On-In. Do not bring a baby, we will give you a baby, much like the hares have given babies to countless other harriettes. A prize for those who deliver their babies successfully. Note early start and run fee is $6. There will be an awesome pool party at the ending, so bring pool toys and towel. Dogs welcome. Come dressed in a Labor Day costume. Ideas: Delivery Room staff, Preggo Bitch, Deadbeat sperm donor, Child molester uncle. Yes, it will probably be hot, I'll make the trail on the shorter side so you can get to the pool quickly. We're getting a keg and we need your help finishing it. Excellent selection of barbecued meats provided by Cock in the Hand. Midgets will cook Cock's meat. There will be something for vegos. I would bring a chair for around the pool, in addition to a pool toy. Head lamps are not strictly mandatory on trail. You may get your feet a little wet on trail.

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