San Diego Area Run Start
 Show Map Blackshirt Hooligan Hash    Thursday, September 5, 2013 6:30pm
The Pre-Lube for RDR Weekend
Hare(s): The Sore Ass & Double O Douchebag (Executive Producer: Team Amazeballs)
Location: Ross (cross) Dress for Less 3237 Sports Arena Boulevard San Diego, CA 92110
Directions: West on the 8 to the Rosecrans exit. Turn right on Sports Arena Blvd, Left at East dr, park near Ross(see google maps link)
Google Maps: https://
Run Fee: $6.00 or a hit off your mom's bong
Trail type: A to A prime
On after: Same as the On-In
Dog friendly: No
Join the Blackshirts for the 2013 RDR Weekend Pre-lube Event. Do you remember how much fun we had last year? Neither do we, but we must have done a good job, because the Red Dress czars have asked us to lead in the RDR Weekend Pre-Lube once again. And this year we are going to make the hash metal. We will make *everything* metal. Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity. So dress appropriately.

Trail will be A-Beelzebub, and consist of a certain amount of miles, inclines and/or declines, and feature excessive drink checks (including the debut of our official Blackshirt Blackout Beverage!). With all this booze on trail, we're going to be very concerned about your safety, so expect us to be checking it regularly.

Once trail is over, then the real fun can begin. We've got a completely virgin On-In for you fuckers, where the Pabst flows like the mighty River Styx, so bring your coins for Charon so that he may ferry you to a state of inebriation. And speaking of virgins, we can't drive this point home hard enough: BRING VIRGINS. There's no discounted run fee, but we give you our word that each and every first timer will be properly "taken care of." Trust us, this will be the best hash they'll never remember.

As a final note, if you can't make it for the run, definitely come to the On-In for the live debut of the Black Shirt Hooligan band! We've cooked up some original material just for you, and have several new hash songs that are sure to delight/disgust. This is not an event that you want to miss.

-Black band tee. If you do not have a black shirt, one will be provided to you.
-Virgin sacrifices
-A change of souls
-Cab fare, or a designated drunk driver

***Trail assistance from Team Amazeballs***

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