San Diego Area Run Start
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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Sunday, October 13, 2013 10:00am
The backdoor adventure run
Hare(s): Brown Eye for the Gay Guy, Bovine Butt Plug, 3 inches of irish guilt
Location: 8586 Menkar Rd, San Diego, CA, 92126 ‎
Directions: Dogfish's house or use a Google Map
Google Maps: https://
Run Fee: $9
Trail type: A to A
On after: Same as A
Dog friendly: Yes
Who knows what pleasures or terrors await when you leave out Dogfish's backdoor. Will you encounter bovine butt plugs? Will you be sucked into a brown eye? Will you be plowed by 3 inches of irish? Come find out at Sunday's trail and stay for a lovely meal cooked by dogfish. Trail should be about 4.5 miles. Just one trail. Probably some beer as well.

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